Learning Goals

Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate program in the Ivy College of Business has five learning goals.

Upon graduation, our undergraduate students will:

  1. Be effective communicators
  2. Be effective collaborators
  3. Be problem solvers
  4. Understand business concepts
  5. Recognize ethical and legal responsibilities to organizations

Graduate Programs

Each of the graduate programs in the college has specific learning goals.

Upon graduation, master of accounting students will:

  1. Be critical, creative thinkers about accounting problems
  2. Be effective communicators
  3. Work with others as a member of a team
  4. Have awareness and sensitivity to dealing with ethical concerns

Upon graduation, MBA students will:

  1. Demonstrate effective communication skills
  2. Effectively lead and work in diverse teams
  3. Critically solve business problems
  4. Integrate ethical and global perspectives in decision making

Upon graduation, executive MBA students will:

  1. Be effective leaders
  2. Be effective collaborators
  3. Be critical thinkers in food, agriculture, and biosystems
  4. Recognize ethical and global responsibilities around food, agriculture, and biosystems

Upon graduation, master of business analytics students will:

  1. Be analytics modelers
  2. Be problem solvers in analytics
  3. Be evaluators of analytics
  4. Be critical thinkers in analytics
  5. Be collaborators in big data and analytics
  6. Be effective communicators

Upon graduation, master of entrepreneurship students will:

  1. Identify and grow core capacity for entrepreneurship
  2. Develop and test business ideas
  3. Identify and secure key stakeholder relationships
  4. Strategically position and launch new ventures
  5. Design and implement strategic plans, processes, and systems for innovation

Upon graduation, master of finance students will:

  1. Be critical thinkers in finance
  2. Have a broad understanding of financial concepts
  3. Have strong problem-solving and decision-making skills
  4. Have a strong background in ethical development

Upon graduation, master of healthcare analytics and operations students will:

  1. Identify and apply theories, models, frameworks, and practices to healthcare operations, in order to address healthcare management challenges.
  2. Identify, clean, manipulate, and analyze healthcare data, in order to address healthcare management challenges.
  3. Identify and apply the appropriate analytics tools to healthcare management data in order to draw and convey appropriate conclusions to healthcare management problems.
  4. Synthesize healthcare data and information from multiple sources into comprehensive solutions to healthcare management problems.

Upon graduation, master of science information systems students will:

  1. Work effectively in teams
  2. Be critical thinkers in the field of information systems
  3. Develop an awareness of the ethical dimensions and consequences of business decisions
  4. Have strong written communication skills
  5. Have strong oral communication skills

Upon graduation, master of real estate development students will:

  1. Be knowledgeable in various aspects of real estate
  2. Be critical thinkers in real estate
  3. Be innovators in real estate
  4. Be leaders in real estate