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Graduate assistantships are offered to highly qualified candidates admitted into the Iowa State University full-time Ivy graduate students. Assistantships provide students unique opportunities to work directly with business faculty actively engaged in leading edge research in their respective fields. A concerted effort is made to match each student’s interests and academic goals with the expertise and research activities of the faculty.

Graduate assistants receive a monthly stipend, are assessed resident tuition, and receive a scholarship credit further reducing the tuition amount by 25%. Additionally, they receive health insurance coverage for the duration of their appointment.

To be considered for a graduate assistantship, check “yes” on the application form where it asks “Do you want to be considered for an assistantship?” Assistantships are awarded based on GPA, GMAT scores, work experience, and other notable achievements. For current students to apply, email or stop by 1420 Gerdin to fill out and submit an application.


Scholarships are available to students based on their programs. Scholarships are only available for full-time students, unless otherwise indicated. Scholarships range from $1,500 – $6,000.

All prospective students that submit a completed application are considered for the scholarships. There is not a special application form. If you are awarded a scholarship, you will be notified in your acceptance letter or later in a scholarship letter from the Graduate Programs Office.


Most graduate programs are eligible for student loans. The type and amount of the loan depends on your personal circumstances. For detailed information regarding student loan options, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid. To begin the student loan process, please complete the FAFSA.

Existing student loans can be deferred until you complete your graduate degree as long as you take a minimum number of credit hours per year. For full-time students, you must be enrolled for at least nine credit hours in both the fall and spring semesters. For professional MBA students, you must take at least six credit hours during the fall and spring (you do NOT have to take courses in the summer in order to defer your loans).

Undergraduate Advising

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