Ivy College of Business Awards

The Ivy College of Business is proud to honor the exceptional work of our dedicated students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends. Our college-level awards recognize members of the Ivy community who have gone above and beyond in demonstrating excellence in student engagement and impact, involvement in alumni activities, volunteer and community service, or outstanding research and teaching performance.

All Ivy College of Business Award nominations can be submitted by hard copy or email to Monica Sasse (sasse@iastate.edu) in the Dean’s Suite (2200 Gerdin) by April 1. The ceremony will take place in May. Each nomination must include an Ivy College of Business cover sheet and other required materials. The college awards are presented in April at the Ivy College of Business Faculty and Staff Awards Ceremony, sponsored by the Dean’s Advisory Council.

Ivy Women in Business Awards

Established in 2017, the Ivy Women in Business Awards celebrate women in business, and their champions, and serve as an opportunity to inspire young women as they prepare for a bright future in business. Three awards are presented annually:

  • Outstanding Young Alumna Award
  • Women in Business Inspiration Award
  • Women in Business Champion Award

Click here to access the nomination form and to see a list of past award winners.

Dean’s Student Awards

Award Due Date
Dean’s Student Leadership Award 4/18/21
Dean’s Student Inspiration Award 4/18/21

PhD Student Awards

Graduate College Teaching Excellence Award

Year Name
2022 Jake Telkamp
2022 Carlos Valladares
2022 Chris Faires
2021 Alaa Nehme
2020 Isidro Linan Jimenez
2020 Ke Gong
2019 Bo (Larry) Lan
2019 Shuang (Sophie) Zhai
2018 Prabhjot Singh
2018 Fei (Sophie) Song
2018 Sina Amiri
2018 Akmal Mirsadikov
2016 Inmyung Choi
2016 Melika Kordrostami
2014 Manjul Gupta
2014 Akshaya Vijayalakshmi
2013 Andy Luse
2013 Arunachalam Swaminathan
2012 David Correll

Graduate College Research Excellence Award

Year Name
2022 Khashayar Afshar Bakeshloo
2022 Danni Tu
2021 Preetinder Kaur
2020 Bo (Larry) Lan
2019 Younggeun Lee
2019 Prabhjot Singh
2019 Amin Rostami


Previous Awards

Rama and Sridhar Ramaswami Marketing Research Excellence Award

Year Name
2020 Veronica Martin Ruiz
2019 Amin Rostami
2018 Pushpinder Gill
2017 Pushpinder Gill
2016 Russell Lemken
2015 Akshaya Vijayalakshmi

Research Excellence Award

Year Name
2020 Younggeun Lee
2019 Younggeun Lee
2017 Xinxue (Shawn) Qu
2016 Akmal Mirsadikov
2015 Saurabh Ambulkar

Outstanding Doctoral Student Research Award

Year Name
2018 Xinxue (Shawn) Qu

Awards for Alumni and Friends

Ivy College of Business Awards
Citation of Achievement Award Established in 1985, this award honors distinguished alumni who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in life beyond the campus.
Russ and Ann Gerdin Award Established in 2009, this award honors contributions from valuable corporate partners or individuals who are not Ivy College of Business graduates.
John D. DeVries Service Award Established in 1985 to recognize individuals who have demonstrated outstanding service to the Ivy College of Business.
ISU Alumni Association Awards University Due Date 
Alumni Medal 2/15 Annually
Alumni Merit Award 2/15 Annually
Alumni Service Award 2/15 Annually
Impact Award 2/15 Annually
James A. Hopson Alumni Volunteer Award 2/15 Annually
Outstanding Young Alumni Award 2/15 Annually
Distinguished Alumni Award 8/1 Annually
Honorary Alumni Award 8/1 Annually
Faculty/Staff Inspiration Award 12/1 Annually
Iowa STATEment MAKERS 12/1 Annually
Wallace E. Barron All University Senior Award 12/1 Annually