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It Was Going To Be Business

It Was Going To Be Business

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jaddabuckleytestimonial1Jadda Buckley decided her future while having her nails done.

A native of Mason City, Buckley was recruited during high school and became a freshman starter for the Iowa State women’s basketball team. When she first enrolled at Iowa State, her plan was to be a physician assistant. A grueling basketball schedule combined with full-time academics led her to consider a different path.

“It’s really a funny story,” she said. “I was getting my nails done with my mom and we were sitting next to this really nice woman. She told me that her daughter had recently graduated with a business degree, and she was working as a buyer for Burberry.  I was so excited! I thought that sounded exciting and I knew I wanted to learn more.”

In that moment, Buckley knew her path. “It was going to be business,” Buckley said.

The sophomore marketing major, who will minor in finance, credits her academic advisor, Jeff Cesler, with helping her plan her future. “Once I knew my path, Ces helped my get to into the College of Business and select the right classes for me. He does so much to help me be successful in the class and in helping me plan for my career. It means a lot to me.”

During this school year, Buckley has narrowed her business interest.

“I love sports, so I want to combine sports and marketing so I can work in that area. I could see myself working for a professional athletic team in a marketing role. I can’t wait to see where the future takes me. I know my experience at the College of Business is preparing me for an exciting adventure ahead.”

Jadda Buckley, Mason City, IA
Sophomore in Marketing, Finance Minor