/Remembering our Founding Dean

Remembering our Founding Dean

Remembering our Founding Dean

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Charles (Chuck) Handy, the founding Dean of the Iowa State University College of Business passed away on January 4th, 2016.

Chuck was a good friend to Iowa State, to the College of Business and to the many students he taught and mentored during his career in higher education.

Chuck came to Iowa State University in 1958 as an instructor in the Department of Industrial Administration. For two decades following, he taught and advised a countless number of students interested in careers in the accounting profession. In 1975 he was promoted to the rank of professor and, for the next three years, served as the first director of the new Industrial Administrative Sciences graduate program.

Chuck, who was named the Department Chair of Industrial Administration in 1978, led the department to being named a School of Business in 1980 (the first School at Iowa State,) and to being named the College of Business in 1984. He provided vital leadership through that important transition. Chuck went from being an accounting instructor in 1958 to Founding Dean in 1984 and was later named Professor Emeritus.

During his five years as Dean, Chuck carried out his vision to develop a foundation of high quality programs supported by outstanding faculty, staff and students.

Many people know Chuck from his regular columns in the Prospectus magazine. On the last page of each issue, he wrote “From the Desk of Founding Dean Charles Handy.” In the latest issue, he left us with these words:

“One of the great joys of my life has been my association with Iowa State University academic business program. I joined it during its infancy and, along with other dedicated personnel, helped to establish a solid program base. Its growth has been one to look to with pride. I see a great future for business education at Iowa State.”