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Guy Shilon – Swimming

Guy Shilon – Swimming

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Guy Shilon, a freshman pre-business major who plans to pursue a degree in management, came to Iowa State University from Caesarea, Israel to join the swimming team.  Moving more than 6,000 miles from home was not easy, especially since she didn’t speak much English at that time.
“This is a great adventure and a great opportunity to combine school and sport together,” she said.“Even though it is not easy to be away from home, and from my family and friends, I feel like being away is part of the experience. Also, my family is very supportive and they are always with me in my heart.”
She chose Iowa State because of the swimming program. “This program is very good and I had a great connection with the coaches during the recruiting process,” Shilon said. “Also, I wanted to combine my sport with a good school and education, and Iowa State offered me all of these.”
Being here is a big honor, she said. “Being a part of a big school with a strong conference is not always easy and the pressure is always on, but I’m very proud to represent Iowa State in the Big 12 and be a part of the swimming team.”
Once she chose her university, Shilon knew it was time to choose her major. Business made sense.
“I chose business as my major is because I believe it can develop my thinking, business and management skills. In addition, I am interested in learning about the business world and developing myself in this world,” she said.The most difficult part of being a student athlete is managing her time, Shilon said.
“It is really hard,” she said. “There are many responsibilities for school and for swimming, and learning how to maximize your time and your productivity is extremely important.”
She wouldn’t have it any other way, though. “I am very grateful for the opportunity to be here at Iowa State University, and the opportunity to experience such an amazing adventure.”
Shilon had an impressive swimming career in high school, including:


  • Gold medal: Multinational Youth Meeting, Cyrpus
  • Gold medal: Tarbes Nuatic Club, France  


  • Gold medal: Open Comunidad de Madrid, Spain


  • Semifinals at the Junior European Championships in the 200 backstroke
  • Gold in the 200 backstroke at the Israel National Championship
  • Third place at the Multinational Junior Meeting, Ukraine


  • Israel National Championships and qualifying for the Junior Olympic Games in the 200 backstroke.