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KC Ogbonnaya

KC Ogbonnaya

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kc-ogbonnaya-1-min“The College of Business showed me a lot of opportunities. Whether it was through Career Services, academic clubs, case competitions or simply the course work, I knew that going to this college would put me in a great position to excel in my post- undergraduate life.”

I chose Supply Chain Management & Management Information Systems because it allowed me to continue to build on skills and experiences previous to my time at Iowa State University.  We have all been exposed to or involved in a supply chain process, whether we realize it or not. There is so much opportunity in the supply chain management field.  Supply chain processes are used in various industries such as restaurants, grocery and retail stores, and even the College of Business!

My time at the College of Business has been great! The utilization of the Career Services department has been critical to my experience in the College of Business. Their staff allowed me to connect with potential employers through career fairs, practice my interviewing skills through mock interviews, and provided me with tools to assist me in finding internships.

I had the opportunity to meet great students and great professors. Professor Eric Smith and David Cantor made Supply Chain Management and Management Information Systems fun to learn and applied it in a way that encouraged me to think critically about the subjects. I think the most helpful thing in preparing for my career is to get out and get experience. I have learned a lot from my past internships and from the people in those companies.

The College of Business will give as much as you put into it. If you want to gain a lot from this college, then participate in clubs and organizations. I will be Interning at Cargill Inc. this summer but I have not lined up a full-time job yet.

KC Ogbonnaya, New Brighton, MN

Class of 2016 (December)