/Fall 2016 Case Competition Wrap-up

Fall 2016 Case Competition Wrap-up

Fall 2016 Case Competition Wrap-up

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As we say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017, here’s a look back on the College of Business undergraduate and graduate student case competition successes from the fall semester. Several student teams participated in competitions hosted in Gerdin and around the country, ranging in topics from supply chain management and sales to ethical leadership skills. These competitions give students the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to apply what they’ve learned in class to real world problems. Each competition requires analytical thinking and fast-paced decision making to help build the skills needed in today’s dynamic business environment.

1st Place Team

September 17

Boston Scientific Corporation Case Competition

Six student teams competed in a case competition sponsored by Boston Scientific Corporation (BSC). Twenty student competitors analyzed a real issue facing BSC and proposed their solutions to a panel of judges.  The judges included representatives from BSC, the SCIS Executive Advisory Committee (EAC), and SCIS faculty. The case focused on the digital health and strategic challenges facing BSC’s research/development and information technology areas.

1st Place: Mancy Tomar, Nick Kringle, David Leo

2nd Place: Ben Powers, Michael Lee, Trent Archer

3rd Place: Daniel Bachman, Jake McNeece, Anthony Kugel, Monte Lee

2nd Place MBA Team

September 30

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) Case Competition hosted by Iowa State University

Both MBA and undergraduate students participated in the internal case competition held at Iowa State University on September 30, focused on how Iowa State can contribute to the growth of the healthcare industry. There were twenty-three teams who were enrolled to compete in the competition and the top ten teams were selected to present. The College of Business undergraduate student team took home first place, with the college’s MBA team taking second.

1st Place: Mancy Tomar, Daniel Rodriguez, Alexander Juergens, and Ben Powers

2nd Place: Izak Christensen, Sarah Hansen, Alexander Lester, and Pallavi Rao

1st Place Team

October 7

Pella Windows and Doors Virtual Sales Case Competition hosted by Pella Corporate


Pella hosted their first Virtual Sales Case Competition on Friday, October 7, in Pella, Iowa, at the Pella Corporate Headquarters. This competition was open to all majors and students from a variety of backgrounds (engineering, accounting, management information systems, finance, economics, management, and marketing).  Students had the opportunity to work on a cross-functional team to solve current issues regarding Pella’s online video chat sales feature.

Members of the winning team were each awarded $100 Amazon gift cards and received interviews for an internship or full-time position. Pella has already implemented recommendations that the students provided and have made changes to their website based on their ideas. The company plans to host this event annually and will have another competition next fall.

1st Place: Matt Hefti, Ashlee Kain, Erik Kreissler, and Carter Miller

2nd Place Team

1st Place Team

November 5

Iowa State University Internal Supply Chain Case Competition

Students’ performances were judged by a panel of local supply chain executives and Mike Bootsma, Dean’s Teaching Fellow and senior lecturer of accounting. Each team worked to fine-tune their analysis and presentation skills relative to executive-level audiences this semester. They received their case study on Wednesday, November 2, and were required to present their solution to the panel on Saturday, November 5.

1st Place: Dan Zabler, Ewan Shortess, Sami Dika, and Lauren Kimball

2nd Place: Dorothy Weaver, Amy Nestingen, AJ Tadjen, and Kellie Maurer

3rd Place: Charles (Chaz) Hoffman, Spencer Gibson, Mikhail, Suvorov, and Adam Fisher

Best Presenter: Spencer Gibson

Honorable Mention Best Presenters: Jaslyn Clark and Cody Timm


Best Presenter

November 9-11

10th Annual Business National MBA Case Competition in Ethical Leadership at Hankamer School of Business, Baylor University (Waco, TX)

The Baylor Ethics Case Competition case study was based on a real non-profit that is facing challenges with regards to ethical leadership and practices. Students were challenged to analyze the situation and offer solutions that would allow the entity to continue operating both ethically and with profitability. They conducted intense analysis of the case study and offered an outstanding presentation to the judges. The MBA team representing Iowa State was Amelia Medici, Erin Rettenmaier, Nick Davis, and Anne Gustafson, with their adviser Lauren Drew. While the MBA team did not place, Medici received an award for ‘Best Presenter’.

Best Presenter: Amelia Medici

2nd Place Team

Best Q&A

November 11

PepsiCo Sales Case Competition hosted by Iowa State University

The PepsiCo Sales Case Competition was an all-day campus competition between five, four-person student teams to create a presentation for a recommendation on a sales problem to PepsiCo representatives. Teams were comprised of both Iowa State University and University of Iowa undergraduate students. After viewing the presentations, judges scored the teams based on their assessment of quality of presentation, ability to respond to questions, and the team’s overall persuasiveness.

2nd Place: Mix of Iowa and ISU students: Ryan Fleck, Joshua Abdo, Brooke Langan, Matthew Paulaitis

Best Individual Q&A: Marena Bitz

3rd Place Team

November 11-12

Tepper International Case Competition hosted by Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA)

The Iowa State MBA team took third place at the Tepper International Case Competition hosted by Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh on November 11-12. Katelyn Bell, Pallavi Rao, Mayaz Kabir, and Aseem Dande represented the Iowa State MBA program in this highly competitive event where their divisional round included MBA teams from MIT Sloan School of Management, University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business, and The Ohio State University.

3rd Place: Katelyn Bell, Pallavi Rao, Mayaz Kabir, and Aseem Dande

4th Place Team

November 11-12

Arizona State University National Supply Chain Management & Operations Case Competition

Iowa State business students attended this annual competition that provides an opportunity for students from all around the country to study the practical applications of supply chain management by working together to propose innovative solutions to complex, real world problems. Team’s solutions were reviewed and evaluated by professionals from a variety of industries.

4th Place: Lauren Kimball, Olivia Reicks, Ryan Swenson, and Mitchell (Mitch) Young

1st Place Team

December 1-2

12th Annual Iowa State University Internal Case Competition

This annual competition is held for Iowa State University MBA students to gain real-world experience as they prepare to enter the workforce and launch their careers. This year’s competition included teams of students who began the MBA program in fall 2015.

1st Place: Kyle Thompson, Angela Katoski, Pei-yu Tseng, Wayne Sanchez, and Calli Stewart

2nd Place: Megan Klatt, Hans Heindl, Erin Rettenmaier, and Mayaz Kabir

3rd Place: Kevin Frias, Zenia Adiwijaya, and Sarah Riese

Overall Best Presenter: Angela Katoski

Division Winners Best Presenter: Sarah Riese, Amelia Medici, and Nick Davis

Division Winners Best Q&A: Matt Kerns, Sarah Riese, and Kyle Thompson

Congratulations to all of the teams that competed this semester!