/One student’s adventure leads him along an unexpected path

One student’s adventure leads him along an unexpected path

One student’s adventure leads him along an unexpected path

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Teminijesu Agbaje

Teminijesu Agbaje

Teminijesu Ayobami Agbaje’s journey to the Iowa State University Ivy College of Business is unique, but so is the way he wants to use his business degree. Born in Nigeria, Agbaje’s father won a lottery visa to the United States in 1996 and chose to move the family halfway around the world to Ames, Iowa, to be closer to his sister.

“Ames has done so much for us since we arrived here, specifically my church family here in Ames,” Agbaje said. “It’s the type of community where everyone is willing to help everyone no matter where they’re from.”

Agbaje is currently a senior majoring in supply chain management. He spent over a year as a supply chain intern with Danfoss and in March 2018 transitioned to a new role as an intern at TMC Transportation, where he’s worked dispatching trucks and coordinating loads.

“I spent one year at DMACC before transferring to Iowa State. My mom encouraged me to attend because the diverse campus makes it a great place to meet people. She’s been a huge motivator for me to work hard like she did raising myself and my brother after our father passed away,” Agbaje said.

Early on at Iowa State, Agbaje’s friends played a big role in encouraging him to check out the supply chain program and pursue internship opportunities. “I really wasn’t thinking about internships until I walked past a Danfoss booth in the Gerdin hallway. They really engaged me and I had a great conversation with the recruiters,” he said.

Agbaje said his internship with the company gave him the opportunity to train on the job and experience many sides of the supply chain industry. “My internship tasks varied day to day, which is what I really enjoyed.” Most days, he communicated with suppliers to coordinate shipping dates or managed the warehouse in Ankeny.

“I respect how much Danfoss values diversity in business, especially because they employ people from all over the world. They really helped me grow individually and professionally.”

When he isn’t gaining hands-on experience in the supply chain industry, Agbaje volunteers at his local church and continues to excel in the classroom. “Temi is one of the hardest working students I have met at Iowa State,” said Robert Overstreet, assistant professor of supply chain management at the Ivy College of Business.

“He did well in my process management class where he analyzed data, employed quality tools, and recommended process improvement strategies. In addition to his coursework and his supply chain job at Danfoss, he is a devoted volunteer with campus ministries,” Overstreet said.

Agbaje said that while he hopes to pursue a career in the supply chain management field, he also wants to pursue pastoral ministry and work with kids in the inner-city areas. “I feel like I can relate with them to a certain degree, especially with some of them growing up without a parent. I love people and I think business really allows me to connect with individuals from all walks of life.”

As he enters his last year at the Ivy College of Business, Agbaje’s excited about where his future with business and ministry will take him.

“My life has been blessed with amazing people and opportunities. I want to make a difference and though financial means are important, my goal is not to make all the money in the world. I owe so much to my mom, who is an incredibly strong woman who loves God and her boys.” ¥

– Amy Griffith (’17 JLMC), a freelance writer from Gilbert, Iowa