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Ivy Online – March 2019

Ivy Online – March 2019

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Dean’s Message

What a cold and busy semester this has been! As we move to March, and hopefully better weather, I would like to draw your attention to our upcoming Ivy College of Business Faculty and Staff Awards Ceremony, Thursday, April 4, at 4:00 p.m. in the Richard and Joan Stark Lecture Hall, 1148 Gerdin. A reception will immediately follow in the Bergstrom Commons. These awards are funded by the Dean’s Advisory Council and provide a great opportunity to recognize our faculty and staff who have made significant contributions to the college throughout the past year. You received an email from Monica Sasse on February 7 with details about the nominations and the reception. All nominations are due to Monica by March 8. A full description of each award, the award criteria, and nomination guidelines are available on our awards webpage.

Please also mark your calendar for the second annual Ivy Women in Business Awards Ceremony on March 27, at the ISU Alumni Center. These awards honor women in business and those who work to inspire and advance the careers of women. The Ivy College of Business and the Collegiate Women in Business student organization sponsor this event. Please see our news release and event page to learn about this year’s winners and event details.

As a reminder, please note a new section below within the marketing and communications services section that highlights our upcoming events at the college. This will be a standing feature that links to the college events page. I encourage you all to visit that calendar regularly, so you are aware of the many important events being planned.



Melvin A. Lamboy-Ruiz, assistant professor of accounting, presented a paper titled, “The Differential Effect of Medicaid Expansions Under the Affordable Care Act on Operations of U.S. Hospitals” at Rutgers University, February 15. The paper’s co-authors are Olena Watanabe, assistant professor of accounting, and James Cannon (Utah State University).

Olena Watanabe, assistant professor of accounting, had her paper titled, “Transparency Regulation and Price Informativeness: Evidence from Changes in Synchronicity Surrounding the European Union’s Transparency Directive” co-authored with Michael Imhof and Semih Tartaroglu (both at Wichita State University), accepted for publication at the Journal of International Accounting Research, an American Accounting Association journal.

Olena’s daughter Sophia, who is now 7 years old, enjoying the first draft of the paper at the age of 8 months old.


Business Career Services

Thank you to faculty and staff for their support of the career events for our students in the Ivy College of Business. We appreciate your attendance and support of our students at the club career nights, Career Fair Breakfast, and Business, Industry and Technology Career Fair, which included 140 organizations. There were 1,500 students that attended the Career Fair.

This time of year, students are busy interviewing for internships and full-time positions. As you talk with students, please encourage them to submit salary offers, acceptances, and employment information to Business Career Services and to meet with us if they need assistance finding a job or internship. Additionally, interview scheduling with companies should generally be flexible and classes do come first. Helping students to understand that they can ask for multiple options for interview dates may be important. Click here.

Please be aware that Business Career Services has a policy related to reneging on job offers. We would like to avoid the situation when a student is holding two accepted offers. If you speak with students who are having difficulty navigating deadlines and offers, we would appreciate it if you would suggest they meet with their career coordinator. Click here.

We have produced all new data for the 2017-2018 year! Please follow the link below to view the annual report, employment statistics, and salary statistics. It was an outstanding year of positive career outcomes for our graduates. Click here.

Employer Development

Our office worked with the following companies in February to help enhance recruiting efforts: Cargill, International Paper, Scoular, TripleTree, Thrivent Financial, Swift Transportation, US Express, and WOW Logistics.

Kathy Wieland presented to the Iowa Board of Regents staff and Iowa Workforce Development including Director Beth Townsend regarding first destination outcome measurement within Iowa State University Career Services.

Student Outreach

Tanya Austin presented to 30 students on a Strengths and Team Workshop for the speaker series. She  also presented to MGMT 471 on advanced resume writing classroom. About 25 students were in attendance.



Maartje Schouten, assistant professor of management, and John Watt,adjunct professor of management, received a 2019-2020 Miller Faculty Fellowship from CELT, the first at the college in a decade, to innovate MGMT 471 (Human Resource Management) through the project “Leadership Skill Awareness Development through Peer Feedback.”

Mike Howe, assistant professor of management, recently had this solo article accepted for publication in a premier (A) journal:

  • Howe, M. (in-press). General mental ability and goal type as antecedents of recurrent adaptive task performance. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Priyanka Jayashankar, adjunct assistant professor of management, Wesley Johnston, Sree Nilakanta, Kingland Systems Graduate Director of Business Analytics and associate professor of information systems, Reed Burres, and Qi Song’s submission on “Role of sales force on the co-creation of value-in-use of big data technology: a b2b agricultural perspective” has been accepted for a special interest group presentation in the 2019 Global Sales Science Institute (GSSI) Conference, Panama.



Hui Feng, assistant professor of marketing, organized a special session of “Marketing in the C-Suite and Board,”  featuring multiple papers by faculty and doctoral students from Iowa State, at the American Marketing Association Winter Educators’ Conference in Austin, Texas. She also presented two papers in separate sessions during this conference:

  • “Chief Marketing Officer Ability and Network: the Pathways to Power,” with Aditya Gupta (Texas State University)
  • “CMO Presence and Strategic Alliance Success,” with Nguyen Hang (Michigan State University)

José Antonio Rosa, John and Deborah Ganoe Faculty Fellow, professor of marketing, and Faculty Fellow in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion:

  • Presented “Managing Teams for Creative Outcomes” at the Professional and Scientific Council Professional Development Conference on February 26. His talk was video captured and made available to conference non-attendees for professional development credit.
  • Presented to Gear Up Iowa coordinators and facilitators on how the better understand and manage implicit bias in professional and personal interactions, as community outreach for the ISU Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Raj Agnihotri, Dean’s Fellow in Marketing and director of Ivy Sales Consortium, had his paper titled, “Salesperson Time Perspectives and Customer Willingness to-Pay-More: Roles of Salesperson Intraorganizational Employee Navigation, Customer Satisfaction, and Firm Innovation Climate,” accepted for publication in the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management. This was co-authored by Zhiyong Yang (University of North Carolina at Greensboro) and Elten Briggs (University of Texas at Arlington)

Beatriz Pereira, assistant professor of marketing:

  • Had her paper titled, “Big Picture, Bad Outcomes: When Visual Perspectives Harm Health Goal Pursuit,” co-authored with Jason Stornelli (Oregon State University) and Richard Vann (Penn State Behrend) accepted for publication in the Journal of Consumer Psychology.
  • Presented the paper “Big Picture, Bad Outcomes: When Visual Perspectives Harm Health Goal Pursuit” at the American Marketing Association 2019 Winter Academic Conference in Austin, Texas.


Marketing and Communications Services (formerly Dean’s Marketing)

  • Our February advertisements included:

SnapChat ad

Facebook ad


We have a special opportunity for you to consider:

Wanted: a great voice to narrate a new Ivy College of Business 90-second video
Who: Any Ivy student, staff, or member of the faculty
How to audition: Between March 1-12, register at: https://photo-session-fritz.appointlet.com/s/ivy-brand-video-voice-audition and pick the time and day that works best for you. Audition dates and time are:

  • March 6, 3:30 – 4:00 p.m.
  • March 7, 9:00 – 9:30 a.m.
  • March 12, 4:00 – 4:30 p.m.

Come prepared to record a 30-second script of ANYTHING you want. It can be a poem, song lyrics, an essay, or your homework! Choose something you like, something that shows off your vocal style. You do not have to memorize it. Just come, read it, and we’ll chat. The winner will be notified Monday, March 25. We will provide the real script and record it the following week at a convenient time. No experience necessary! Everyone who auditions can be included in a drawing for a prize! Questions? Contact Fritz Nordengren, digital media coordinator:  fritzn@iastate.edu

Michele Appelgate, director of marketing and communications:

  • Presented the We Are Ivy branding campaign to two classes: Marketing 447 with Sandy Jennings-Hammond (February 6) and Marketing 340 with Kathryn Gabrielson (February 21)
  • Assisted with a presentation for Dean Spalding to share the We Are Ivy branding campaign with the ISU Alumni Association Board of Directors, who met in Gerdin on February 15.
  • Met with the editor and business reporter of the Ames Tribune to pitch a variety of news stories

Emily Bowman, graphic designer:

  • Attended the 2019 Professional and Scientific Council Professional Development Conference on February 26, held at the Scheman Building
  • Attended the American Marketing Association’s February Social Media Discussion Group on February 28, in Des Moines

Do you need help from our team? Please visit our new webpage to learn about the many services we provide to faculty and staff.

Events – Please visit the college events calendar for a complete list of upcoming events.



February 6: The Iowa State Daily featured the college’s new brand campaign in the article “Ivy College of Business launches ‘WE ARE Ivy’ campaign.” Read the article here.

February 6: Tracy Turner, associate professor of finance, was mentioned in the Des Moines Register article “Why you say fewer homes built in 2018: High interest rates, rapid growth, political uncertainty.” Read the article here.

February 18: Henrik Sternberg, assistant professor of supply chain management, was mentioned in the article “Supply Chain Management professionals to host annual roundtable event,” published by Chamber Business News. See the article here.

February 20: Pat Daugherty, Debbie and Jerry Ivy Chair in Business, was mentioned in the article “Logistics and Distribution Innovation in China: Part I.” Read the article on the Decatur Daily Democrat, Conscious Company Media, or Financial Content.

February 21: The Ivy Business Analytics Symposium was featured in the following:

  • The Business Record’s daily newsletter and calendar of events. Find the calendar posting here.
  • The Inside Iowa State newsletter for faculty and staff.

February 25: Mike Crum, Ruan Chain in Supply Chain Management, was quoted in the Des Moines Register article, “Semis stranded in Iowa as I-35 remained closed for more than 24 hours.” Read the article here.


Undergraduate Programs

Shannon Grundmeier and Kathy Weaver presented at the ISU Learning Communities Mid-Year Institute on Friday, February 1. Joined by lead peer mentors, Jayse Hines and Kaley Mead, Kathy and Shannon provided an overview of the Ivy Business Learning Team program, discussed the ideas that led to the creation of lead peer mentor positions, and shared the benefits that have come from Providing Opportunities for Leaders to Lead. Melody Schobert and Cindy Sheehy also attended the Mid-Year Institute.

Melody Schobert attended the Where Do I Start? Using Social Media to Support Learning in Your Classroom Tuesday, February 5.

Diann Burright and Melody Schobert each facilitated a session of the Building Our Community event Thursday, February 7.

Brenda Thorbs-Weber, Karen Huang, Katherine Clottey, Kathy Weaver, Kelly Pistilli, Melody Schobert, Michele Tapp, Pat Oswald, Shannon Grundmeier, and Tara Fisher attended the 2019 Professional & Scientific Council Professional Development Conference on Tuesday, February 26.

Shannon Grundmeier, Cindy Sheehy, and Kathy Weaver participated in a five-week workshop series, Research-Based Flipped Classroom Team-Based Learning Workshop, sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT). Tami Corcoran and Haley Flores of Business Career Services also participated.

Cindy Sheehy attended the White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism—Robin DiAngelo workshop Tuesday, February 26.

Cindy Sheehy attended the annual conference of the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students (NISTS), February 13-15, in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference theme was Working Together to Simplify Transfer. Sessions covered areas applicable to advising, admissions, registrar, curriculum development, teaching, and diversity and inclusion.

Diann Burright and Brenda Thorbs-Weber attended the ISCORE pre-conference at the Memorial Union on Wednesday, February 27.

Cindy Sheehy and Brenda Thorbs-Weber volunteered with the #SquadCare Pop-Up Shop on Thursday, February 7. The pop-up shop, sponsored by Iowa State University multicultural liaison officers, provides free, gently used, professional clothing and accessories for students from all colleges who need business attire for career fairs, interviews, graduate school prep, etc.



On February 25, Monica Sasse sent an email with important updates about WorkCyte workshops, reports, and faculty forums. Dozens of workshops continue to be offered on everything from basic employee self-service functionality to travel cards, procurement, time tracking and worktags, which are keywords assigned to transactions. The sessions are also being videotaped, so you can even watch from your desk, if necessary. Visit the WorkCyte events page to view current workshop offerings. Look for more information each month, from now until July, on how Workday and WorkCyte will benefit faculty and staff in the academic division. If you have any questions about the transition, contact Ivy College of Business PIT (project implementation team) Crew Chief, Bill Dilla.