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At Ivy, students choose to see the world

Studying abroad for any length of time is a great way for Ivy College of Business students to enhance their education. The skills and knowledge gained through a student’s international experience(s) will benefit them throughout their personal and professional lives.”
Taylor Shire
International Programs Coordinator

Students at the Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business have the opportunity to explore the world without having to navigate travel details on their own — alleviating any intimidation they may feel about traveling.

“For students who feel better going with a small group, study abroad experiences during college are ideal,” said Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs Valentina Salotti, who oversees the Ivy study abroad programs. “We do everything we can to make this a positive, educational experience for our students. We want our students to understand that business is global and the best way to learn that is through firsthand experience.”

International study experiences are available to all business students and are oftentimes led by their own professors, who are experienced travelers, and joined by their fellow classmates. Students who participate in Ivy faculty-led study abroad programs receive a $500 scholarship to help with the cost of the program.

Student Impact

Jenna Grimmer (junior, management)

“During my six-week study abroad program in Valencia, Spain, I took two Spanish classes through the University of Valencia that were a requirement for my LCP Spanish major. Studying Spanish in an area where only Spanish is spoken improved my listening comprehension, broadened my vocabulary, and gave me an overall confidence in the language. I am so grateful for this opportunity. I believe the study abroad experience will not only help me with my remaining classes at ISU but also play a strong role in advancing my future professional career.

In addition to my classes, I took advantage of the free time to travel to Paris, Rome, the Amalfi Coast in Italy, Palma de Mallorca, and Barcelona! I was also able to visit numerous museums, cathedrals, and castles in Madrid, Toledo, and Segovia, Spain, as part of the program. I toured these amazing places and felt confident doing so. I soaked in the rich history and recognized different cultures that I developed a deeper appreciation for.

One of the best memories from this summer abroad was my weekend trip to Amalfi, Italy. A group of friends and I kayaked a few miles around the coast. As we paddled through the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, we were able to venture into sea caves and see breathtaking little coastal cities nested in the cliffs, all from our kayaks. I have truly never seen anything so beautiful.

I highly recommend any student to study abroad while the opportunity is easily accessible and financially achievable! There is no better way to earn credits for your major while having experiences that will grow you both personally and professionally.”