Four members of the Ivy College of Business Department of Management created their own videos to pitch their summer courses, hoping to connect with off-campus students who are not seeking a degree.

These classes are perfect for those who have found themselves with more time or flexibility this summer and those looking to retool their career.

“This is a unique time for students and faculty. With everyone working and studying remotely, these instructors took it upon themselves to pitch their courses,” said Chair of the Department of Management, Deidra Schleicher, the John and Deborah Ganoe Professor in Management.

“We knew we had a real challenge and a need to serve our students,” she said. “Having these brief videos is one way our faculty members can connect with students before they enroll in the courses.”

One course begins May 18 and the others begin June 15. All course descriptions can be found here.

Digital Media Coordinator for the college, Fritz Nordengren would normally film a project such as this. “In light of COVID-19 and keeping the health and safety of our faculty in mind, we knew this was not the time to set up a video project on campus. To me, this is exciting to see our faculty connect authentically with students.”

To enroll:

  • You must first be admitted as a non-degree student.
  • Visit this ISU Admissions web page for a simple application form.
  • You do not have to have a bachelor’s degree. Transcripts are not required.
  • For more information, email Tara Cluff, administrative specialist in management or call her: 515-294-8110.