In an effort to improve online teaching during the pandemic, supply chain management professors from the Ivy College of Business collaborated with their counterparts at the University of Tennessee to share their expertise through the Raising the Bar initiative.

The initiative is a series of instructional webinars that helps professors put their best teaching foot forward. It’s part of Colorado State University’s Reinvention Collaborative—a  national consortium dedicated to innovation and excellence in undergraduate education.

“We all want to return to pre-pandemic formats, but many are engaged in the development of online offerings, including colleagues for whom online formats are new and a bit challenging, and we want to help,” Steven Dandaneau, Reinvention Collaborative executive director said in an email. “Our role is to bring willing leaders together for the good of all.”

Professor of Supply Chain Management, David Cantor, who holds the Walker Professorship in Logistics, co-led the webinar organization and creation.

“It’s very important for us to work as a team when it comes to learning how to navigate the online teaching world,” said Cantor. “We have a lot we can share from our experience with team-based learning. There’s a way to make the experience enriching and engaging for students so they get the most out of their online education.”

Cantor was joined by Ivy College of Business Assistant Teaching Professor Amber Belville, Assistant Professor Peter Ralton, and Lecturer Emily Kohnke.  University of Tennessee supply chain experts Chad Autry, Mark Collins and Shay Scott also shared their experience.

Meghan Gillette, Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at Iowa State University, moderated the discussion.

“Using our experience, we’ve been helping others understand some of the components of a team-based learning approach,” said Cantor. “We took the concepts previously developed and incorporated them into the Raising the Bar video. The ultimate goal is to provide an environment where people can learn from each other and create social interaction, which is a more enriching learning situation.”

The Raising the Bar webinar series is ongoing. The supply chain management webinar and others in the series can be viewed on the Reinvention Collaborative’s website.