Dean’s Message

This has been a most unusual start to a fall semester for all of us. With two weeks of classes under our belt, we have achieved many goals. We reduced the density in the building. About 30 percent of our classes are held online and being recorded for students to watch remotely, while the rest are held in person. This is what students have told us they wanted. We have prepared the building to practice physical distancing in all areas and added the best possible signage and messages with the Cyclones Care campaign. I would like to thank all of you for your hard work in helping our students get the best possible experience. Holding student appointments virtually is never ideal but you are making it work to safeguard the health of our students, faculty, and staff. I thank you!

We do have plenty of positive things to celebrate. As you walk through the halls of Gerdin, I am sure you are noticing how far along our construction project has come. I’d like to invite you all to stop down and watch the demolition of the temporary wall at the base of the staircase on the first floor. The section with the beautiful wall decal, which was created by Emily Bowman, is coming down. Join us Wednesday, September 2 at noon to watch this important step in our expansion project.

In our ongoing efforts to provide students with the business skills they need, and what their future employers expect, we recently launched new academic programs including an undergraduate major in business analytics, a certificate in professional sales, and minors in technical consulting and business analytics. Thank you to everyone involved in those programs.

The 2020 United Way Campaign begins September 11.  We are so proud of the number of you who participated in last year’s campaign. Now, more than ever, our community needs your support.  Many members of our community have been affected by the pandemic and more recently the derecho and United Way has been there for those so desperately in need. We are organizing another event to increase awareness and hopefully your participation in the wonderful work United Way does for our community.  You will receive an email in the next couple of weeks with all the details.

As I shared with you in an earlier email, you will be able to rely on the Ivy Response Team to address your immediate classroom needs and other emergencies that might arise during the fall semester. The team is chaired by Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, Valentina Salotti. Other members serving on the team are: Greg Buttery, Director of Information Technology, Danny Johnson, Director of Facilities and Jackie Rees Ulmer, Associate Dean for Professional Masters Programs.

You are encouraged to contact a specific team member based the type of emergency support needed. Phone calls are recommended for immediate assistance while e-mail is preferred for non-urgent matters.

Who are you going to call?

Classroom technology support:

  • Greg Buttery, Director of Information Technology, Phone: (515) 294-9689

Facilities support:

Class management support (including requesting face coverings for students):

  • Jackie Rees Ulmer, Associate Dean for Professional Masters Programs, Phone: (515) 294-6232
  • Valentina Salotti, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, Phone: (515) 294-4201

Business Career Services (undergraduate)

Business Career Services asks faculty and staff to support the following in your classes and student interactions:

  • Early engagement in job and internship seeking this fall
  • Reinforcement that the job market for business students is active and starting now will help students be successful in the process
  • Use of CyHire for internship/full-time position postings, upcoming information sessions, and registration to attend the virtual career night and career fairs
  • Scheduling of appointments with a career coordinator through CyHire for all job seeking needs

Department of Accounting

Diana Janvrin,
William L. Varner Professors, professor of accounting:

  • presented a teaching case, “Don’t Reveal Your Ignorance: Incorporating Cybersecurity into the Accounting Curriculum,” with Scott Boss (Bentley University) and Joy Gray (Bentley University) at the American Accounting Association annual meeting on August 10, and at the Americas Conference on Information Systems on August 13.
  • presented a teaching case, “Balanced Scorecard: A Data Analytics Application to Monitor Police Department Performance,” coauthored with Laurie Burney (Baylor University) and Maureen Mascha (Purdue University – Northwest) at the American Accounting Association annual meeting on August 12.

Department of Finance


James Brown, Kingland MBA Professor and chair of the Department of Finance, had a paper titled, “Weathering Cash Flow Shocks,” with Matt Gustafson and Ivan Ivanov accepted for publication in the Journal of Finance.

Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics

Rui Chen
, Dean’s Faculty Fellow in information systems, and a colleague from the University of Texas at San Antonio have received a National Science Foundation award for nearly $500,000 to support a collaborative research project, “Information Technology and Emergency Response Improvisation: An Investigation.” Iowa State University is the lead institution of this funded project.

Department of Management and Entrepreneurship

Annaleena Parhankangas, 
Dean’s Faculty Fellow in management and entrepreneurship was awarded the Kingland Professorship in Entrepreneurship.

Brad Shrader, Morrill Professor of management and entrepreneurship, had his 1997 paper on the link between women in management and firm performance reprinted in the Journal of Managerial Issues to celebrate JMI’s 30th anniversary. The issue recognized some of the most impactful articles over the history of the journal.

Maartje Schouten, assistant professor of management and entrepreneurship and Melissa Chamberlin, assistant professor of management and entrepreneurship, had a paper on COVID-19 policies accepted as a plenary paper (a high-profile session with low acceptance rates) at the recent Academy of Management annual conference.

Monica Gordillo, assistant teaching professor of management and entrepreneurship, has been selected to serve on the university’s Committee to Establish Principles on Renaming.

Department of Marketing


Raj Agnihotri, Dean’s Fellow in marketing and director of the Ivy Sales Forum had three papers accepted for publication:

  • “The Role of Frontline Employees’ Competitive Intelligence and Intra-Organizational Social Capital in Driving Customer Outcomes” in the Journal of Service Research, with co-authors Ashish Kalra (LaSalle University) and Elten Briggs (University of Texas at Arlington)
  • “Social Media, Customer Engagement, and Sales Organizations: A Research Agenda” in Industrial Marketing Management (solo author).
  • “Social Media and Customer Relationship Management Technologies: Influencing Buyer-Seller Information Exchanges” in Industrial Marketing Management,with co-authors Omar Itani (Lebanese American University), Michael Krush (Kansas State University), and Kevin Trainor (Northern Arizona University).

Samantha N. N. Cross, associate professor of marketing:

  • had an invited research curation, “A Call for Further Research at the Intersection of Race, Marketing, and Public Policy,” co-authored with Benét DeBerry-Spence (University of Illinois at Chicago), Aronté Marie Bennett (Villanova University), Akon Ekpo (Loyola University, Chicago), and Francesca Sobande (Cardiff University), published by the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing. You can read it it here.
  • Was named issue editor, with co-editors Jerome D. Williams (Rutgers University) and Stephanie Dellande (Menlo College) for a forthcoming issue on “Racism and Discrimination in the Marketplace” in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research | Volume 8, Issue 1. Read the online paper here,

Priyanka Jayashankar, adjunct assistant professor of marketing,

  • presented, “A Conceptual Introduction to an AI-Based Food Marketing System: Navigating Assortment Expansion from Farm to Fork,” with Sree Nilakanta, associate professor of information systems, and Wesley Johnston, at the 45th Annual Conference of the Macromarketing Society in the food marketing track.
  • presented, “How Social Enterprises Work Nested Institutions to Foster Market Inclusion of the Differently Abled,” with Srinivas Venugopal(University of Vermont) at the  Virtual Subsistence Marketplaces Conference on May 31.


Most of the construction work on the ground floor of the Gerdin Business Building expansion will be completed this week, and the remainder of the construction will wrap up throughout the month of September. IT installation is underway and furniture is scheduled to arrive in October. Outside, crews are preparing to pour concrete for sidewalks and to begin landscape grading.

At noon on September 2, Raisbeck Endowed Dean David Spalding will celebrate the progress by taking a sledgehammer to the temporary wall separating the Granite Hallway from the new expansion. Physically distanced cheering is welcome. Story Construction crews will remove the rest of the wall before Labor Day Weekend.

Marketing and Communications Services


New Ivy Website:  

Our team is embarking on the creation of a new website for the college.  Our intent was to hire an outside agency to assist, but due to many factors we have decided to do the work all in-house. As you can imagine, this is a monumental task for an already active team. But we are up for the challenge! The current expectation is the new site will include approximately 125 pages and between 300 and 400 images.  Writers Michele Appelgate, Suzanne Lyndon and Meredith Francom are assigned pages and sections of the new site and will be working closely with departments to create the new pages. The writers will help each department identify a single point of contact to make updates and communication easier for you.

We are developing a sneak preview of approximately 50 pages to be revealed later this fall and will give the Ivy staff and faculty as well as a few select outside stakeholders a chance to see the new look before it goes live.

The top priority for our new site is to increase enrollment. Other goals include helping our students secure internships and careers, promoting all of our amazing programs, and engaging our alumni, among others. From a marketing communication perspective pre-COVID-19, this update was a necessity.  With the huge shift in information-seeking behavior since March, this is now a critical priority.  Our research sources tell us web sites have moved from being the fourth or fifth source of information to the first source of information about universities.

Key steps with the new site roll out:

  • The preview site will be visible to you in late fall 2020. This should align with the new expansion ribbon cutting in mid-November.
  • The current website will be updated only with factual corrections.  New content on our current site will include news stories, events, and COVID-19 or schedule related content.
  • Between the launch of the preview and the launch of the new site, both sites will be visible but the new site will not be Google searchable or indexed.
  • When the new site goes live, the old site will still be visible to Ivy staff and faculty, but not to the public.  Our old site will be archived and accessible for those who need older historic content.

How does this impact you?

  • Please continue to fill out the Project Request Form for all marketing needs. This starts a conversation so we can ensure you have what you need.
  • Fritz’s time will be nearly 100 percent focused on the website development. If there are needs for video or photography, we will hire a freelancer – but we need to know well in advance, so please use the request form as mentioned above.
  • One of the web content writers (Michele, Suzanne, or Meredith) will be in touch with someone from your department as your unit pages are created. The review process will be done through CyBox to avoid multiple copies/ revisions. Your assistance in reviewing them for accuracy is a vital piece of this project.

Our goal is to create a new website that helps promote the Ivy brand and all of the important components within it. We look forward to working with you all to achieve this. We appreciate your assistance!

News Coverage

August 6: The 2020 CYstarters cohort was mentioned in the Business Record’s innovationIOWA weekly newsletter for their virtual Demo Day celebration.

August 6: David Cantor, professor of supply chain management, was mentioned in an Inside Iowa State newsletter for teaching the fifth course to successfully complete a Quality Matters certified course review. Read more.

August 13: A $100,000 grant from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation to support the creation of an event series across John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Centers was mentioned in the Inside Iowa State newsletter.

Wei Zhang, associate professor in marketing, was quoted in the following articles after recently having research published in the Journal of Consumer Research:

  • July 27: ISU News Service, “Tendency to select targeted retirement fund ending in zero may impact wealth.” Read it here.
  • July 28: Science Daily, “Tendency to select targeted retirement fund ending in zero may impact wealth.” Read it

Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship

CYstarters Awards from Demo Day

Following presentations from each of the 14 CYstarter businesses, the Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship and Ivy College of Business awarded $10,500 to CYstarters alumni and current participants. List of categories and winners here.

CyBIZ Lab isopen for fall projects: CyBIZ Lab’s experienced student consulting teams can help your business or organization with market research, product/market validation, data analysis, market analysis, information analytics, COVID-19 impacts, and economic impact. CyBIZ Lab interdisciplinary teams are ready to work with you to identify solutions to your most pressing business challenges.Submit your project request today at
Note: CyBIZ Lab is not currently hiring students.

Upcoming fall events:


Undergraduate Programs Office

Academic Advisers spent the month of August preparing to serve the needs of students very differently this fall. With the Undergraduate Programs Office closed, students now have the option of requesting advising appointments by phone or video or emailing their adviser directly. All processes; which, up to this point, have been done using paper forms the student filled out and turned in, are now all being completed electronically through their adviser. Advisers are also assisting students at increased risk of contracting COVID-19 who have been approved by the University to receive academic accommodations.

The Ivy College of Business offers a learning community experience to incoming first-year and transfer students through the Business Learning Team program. Business Learning Teams are meant to help make the transition to college easier and help students connect with other students, staff, and faculty at Iowa State University and the Ivy College of Business. In the past, new students to the Ivy College of Business had the option to join Business Learning Teams. Last fall, Dean Spalding asked that all new students be required to participate in Business Learning Teams. Shannon Grundmeier, Academic Adviser and Business Learning Team Coordinator, spent a great deal of time and effort throughout the spring and summer planning for the existing program to double in size. This involved proposing a new structure and budget to the University as well as the College, working with the Office of the Registrar to request Foundation classes to be connected to each learning team so students could have courses in common, assisting advisers who previously taught BUSAD 103 to teach BUSAD 102, etc. Currently, 49 Peer Mentors and 9 advisers/BUSAD 102 instructors are serving 74 teams made up of 739 new first-year and transfer students.