Two Ivy College of Business faculty member’s research is highlighted in an article about business and use of social marketing.

Raj Agnihotri, Dean’s Fellow in Marketing in ISU’s Ivy College of Business, says the concept is not new, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made it more relevant. Agnihotri works with businesses as director of the Ivy Sales Forum and says many are looking for guidance in the world of social networking.

The researchers say the need to grow social networks is not specific to any one area, but really a business-wide issue. Debbie and Jerry Ivy Chair in Business Pat Daugherty says expectations of business clients have changed and the immediacy of social networks is critical.

“Business customers’ expectations have escalated in recent years. They expect even more in the current pandemic situation,” Daugherty said. “Updates and information related to orders – including potential delays or substitutions – are essential to supporting supply chain operations. Immediate communication allows customers to adjust plans as necessary.”

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