The Princeton Review® and Entrepreneur magazine today announced the results of The Princeton Review’s 15th annual survey naming the top undergraduate schools for entrepreneurship studies.

Iowa State University made a massive jump to number 11 from 26 last year. This is the highest ranking in university records.

Based on data the education services company collected from its summer 2020 survey of more than 300 schools with offerings in entrepreneurship studies, The Princeton Review’s ranking lists for 2021 name 50 undergraduate and 50 graduate schools as outstanding choices for students aspiring to become entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship has been a theme at Iowa State for more than 20 years with much of it revolving around programs offered through the Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship and the Ivy College of Business.

“The Ivy College of Business launched an undergraduate major in entrepreneurship in the fall 2017 to serve those who have a passion for entrepreneurship,” said Raisbeck Endowed Dean David Spalding. “Small businesses are the engine of our economy and we are doing all we can to support those efforts.”

The college also launched a PhD program in entrepreneurship in 2017, which was only the eighth in the country at the time. The university has also offered a minor in entrepreneurship for many years, which is open to all Iowa State students.

“Our improved ranking is a testament to the dedication and talent of Ivy and Iowa State faculty and staff, who continue to offer high quality academic programs for our students,” Spalding said. “We are thrilled to be offering more programs that support entrepreneurs and their future businesses.”

“Here at the college, we could not be more excited about this news. When you look at the many new programs we have launched to meet the needs of our students, their future employers, and entrepreneurs who strive to start their own business, and also at our improved rankings over the past six years, you will understand why we are known as a college on the move.”

The Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship, which is part of the Ivy College of Business, offers innovative programs, such as CYstartes and CyBIZ Lab, to connect students, community entrepreneurs, business professionals and alumni.

“Hands-on learning opportunities are key to the entrepreneurship learning experience,” Spalding said.

“By embedding innovation and entrepreneurship more deeply into its culture and curriculum, Iowa State is creating a unique pathway for its students to change the world.”

The Princeton Review annually ranks programs based on several factors including experiential learning opportunities and career outcomes.

The Princeton Review posted the ranking lists today on their website.

Entrepreneur posted the lists on