A team of MBA students from the Ivy College of Business took third place in the 14th Big XII Case Competition. 

The virtual competition was hosted by the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University and included seven teams from the Big XII. The case, provided by event sponsor ExxonMobil, asked students to make financial investment recommendations based on company criteria.   

The student team representing the Ivy College of Business included first-year MBA students Quinton Nespor, Spencer Arnold, Rachel Junck, and second-year MBA student Emma Kent. The third-place finish came with a $1,000 prize to split between team members. 

Director of Professional Master’s Student Services, Sarah Wilson, Professor of Practice, John Burnley, and Communications Center Director, Jamie Sass coached the team. 

“We are so proud of them,” said Wilson. “The case they faced was a real challenge. They really had to stretch themselves. They did a fantastic job.” 

Team member Quinton Nespor also won the award for the best presenter, an honor that came with a $250 prize. 

“The competition experience was tough,” said Junck. “I really enjoyed analyzing the case and putting together a presentation within 24 hours. We may not have gotten much sleep, but it was fun to work with my team. I was very proud of our finished presentation.” 

As an advisor, Wilson said she can see a difference between students who participate in experiential learning opportunities like the competition. 

“I want every MBA student to participate in an external case competition,” said Wilson. “It fundamentally changes how a student experiences the MBA. They learn how to think critically, how to act under pressure, and how to be an effective collaborator. It’s a night and day difference for students.” 

Student Spencer Arnold agrees. 

“This competition gave me real-time experience in working with professional-level business constraints,” said Arnold. “It will impact how I conduct myself in my coursework, when searching for a job, and networking toward my future career.” 

The Big XII Case Competition is held annually. Next year’s event will take place at Iowa State University’s Ivy College of Business.