Tips for Career Fair Success

Being prepared is the best way to increase your confidence and success at Career Fairs! In addition to these tips, make sure to attend a presentation on “How to Prepare for the Career Fair,” during Business Week, and meet with your Career Coordinator.

The ability to engage an employer at the Career Fair leaves a lasting impression.  During the Career Fair, elevator speeches occur between a recruiter and yourself. To be effective, you need to portray yourself seriously and ask sensible questions.

When you’re speaking with the recruiter, it’s important to keep a time limit on the conversation. Keep in mind there are other students at the Career Fair waiting to talk to the same recruiter, so you shouldn’t loiter around just one. Keeping the conversation to 3-5 minutes at max is a good rule of thumb. In this time span, you can get the information you want and need, as well as leave room for some casual off-topic conversation to take place.

Ask Questions

Here are some helpful ways to initiate a conversation:

  • “I saw on your website that your company manufactures…”
  • As a ______ major, I’m looking for opportunities in…”
  • “What are some skills your company looks for…?”

Strong Questions

  • What skills does your company value the most?
  • Which areas have current (or future) openings?
  • How can I submit a resume to you?
  • What is the best way to apply with your company?

Weak Questions

  • What does your company do?
  • What is your starting salary?
  • Is lunch provided?
  • Can I work from home?