Thank you for the support and investment in your student’s career development process. During this time in their lives, making decisions about life after college can seem overwhelming. At the Career Services office, we’re here to make the process a little easier by providing many opportunities to assist your student in their career exploration and guide them in the decision making process. We want to help your student get a head start on their journey. Along with our dedicated staff, we believe support and encouragement from parents and families is the perfect combination to help your student succeed and find a fulfilling career after graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions For Families

  • Our professional staff is here to help your student every step of the way, no matter where they are in their career journey. We assist:
    • Undeclared students wanting career guidance
    • Students seeking experiential learning opportunities
    • Graduating students needing practical job search skills and tools
    • Alumni looking to expand their career options
  • Services are provided through individual and group advising, on-campus recruiting, career development courses, a career resource library, and annual Career Fair events.
  • Career Services are available to students throughout their years at Iowa State. We encourage first year students to familiarize themselves with the staff and resources available in order to prepare for internship and job search seeking in subsequent years. While students are encouraged to use Career Services at any point during their college career, they will benefit most by progressive involvement from their first year through their senior year.
  • Career Services offers a variety of assessments and inventories that can help students identify important information about themselves. Follow up advising is provided any interested students.
  • Family members can play an important role in their student’s career needs. You can start by referring them to Career Services. You can also help by supporting their career decisions and assisting them in identifying networking contacts.
The following are a few ways in which you can help

  • Encourage your employer to recruit at Iowa State University
  • Forward employment notices and information
  • Refer your student to use Career Services
  • Sponsor an internship at your place of business
  • Please feel free to contact our staff at any time if you have questions! We can be reached at 515-294-2542 or