An offer of employment is rarely given at the time of the second interview. Each person you interviewed with should receive a thank you e-mail within twenty-four hours of your visit. Be specific, but brief in expressing your thanks and continued interest in the organization. Before the end of the interview, find out what the next step is and their timetable for making a decision. When it is necessary for you to miss classes because of interview trips, be sure to notify your instructors prior to leaving.

If you made a good connection with a recruiter, you will want to stay in contact with them in the future.

The best thing to do after an interview, the Career Fair, or a professional event is visit your Career Coordinator to discuss your experience and determine how you will follow up with the recruiters. It is important to follow up so that you make an impression on the recruiter and they will remember you.  Many recruiters return each year, so once you begin to establish a professional relationship, talking with the recruiters will become easier.

Why is it important to follow up with a recruiter? For starters, following up will leave the recruiter with a good impression of you. They will see that you are committed to maintaining your professional relationship with the company and will show your dedication. Most importantly it will set you apart from your fellow classmates, as many students forget to follow up.

How to Follow Up

  • Inquire as to how you should best follow up with him or her about future opportunities or to set up a time to talk more.
  • Send a thank you email expressing your appreciation for the opportunity to meet and discuss their company.
  • Take any steps recommended- send them your resume, references, etc. via email or apply online

Whatever You Do, Don’t…

  • Forget to follow up with someone.  Always send a thank you note or email.