Practice is a very important part of the interview and job seeking process. Business Career Services hosts a Mock Interview Day each semester for College of Business students in 1320 Gerdin Business Building. For Mock Interview Day, industry recruiters are invited to campus to provide practice interviews for students. You will be able to sign up for an interview with an individual that recruits your specific major.

Each interview last approximately 30 minutes and includes specific feedback from the interviewer on what was done well and what could be improved. Your mock interview will be a way for you to practice; however, the interview will be much more than “just practice.” Use our Interview Guide to prepare and present yourself in the same way you would for a “real” interview.

To Sign Up for a mock interview with an industry recruiter

Utilize CyHire to sign up for a time slot during Mock Interview Day. Use the search function to find the schedule for your specific major/area of interest.

Mock Interviews with Business Career Services Staff

The interview is the most important step in your search for employment. You want to be as thoroughly prepared for your interview as possible. Interviewing is like anything else, the more you practice the better you become. Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming an effective interviewee!

During this experience you will complete a 20 minute interview followed by a 30 minute feedback session with a Business Career Services staff member.  You may sign up for this opportunity after the career fairs in fall and spring.

Benefits of a Mock Interview

  • Gain experience interviewing
  • View and evaluate your interviewing style
  • Receive interviewing feedback, tips, and suggestions
  • Reduce anxiety about the interview process

To Sign Up

  1. Read the Mock Interview Program Guide
  2. Review the Student Policies
  3. Make an appointment with your Career Coordinator using one of the following methods
    • Schedule an appointment on CyHire
    • Call Business Career Services at 515-294-2542
    • Stop in Business Career Services in 1320 Gerdin Business Building
  4. Bring a resume and job description to your meeting with your Career Coordinator.
  5. If you must cancel a mock interview, call Business Career Services (515-294-2542) as soon as possible.
    If you miss your interview, you must e-mail a letter of apology to the Career Coordinator. Business Career
    Services staff may suspend your privileges within the office until the letter of apology has been received.

Before Your Mock Interview:

  1. Know yourself! Know who you are and what you have to offer. Questions will be drawn from some basic categories. Use your experience and abilities to come up with supporting examples from each category.
  2. Practice your responses to standard interview questions and behavioral questions.
  3. Dress professionally and look the part!
    • You may want to bring a professional portfolio to jot down your interviewer’s name, notes, etc. and to hold the key
      questions you want to ask. In a real interview you would want to bring extra resumes, a copy of your transcript,
      and a reference page.
  4. Be prepared to close the interview with a brief statement about how you will fit into the organization and why you would be the best match for the job!