Business Career Services provides assistance with offer evaluation and salary negotiation! Since every situation is different, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with your Career Coordinator to discuss. Check out the Salary Calculator or the Salary Statistics of past Ivy College of Business students to establish a valid range for salary negotiation. The first step is research and knowing your “worth.”

Your Career Coordinator can help with the following questions!

  • Can I negotiate a job offer? When do I negotiate?
  • Can I negotiate the benefits, or just the salary?
  • How do I start the conversation?
  • What if the employer doesn’t give me an opening to negotiate?
  • How much money should I ask for?
  • Can I negotiate through email?
  • What if the employer won’t budge?
  • If I already accepted the offer, can I go back and negotiate now?
  • Is there any danger that the employer will rescind the offer if I try to negotiate?
  • If I have two offers, should I just accept the higher offer?
  • What should I say during a negotiation conversation?

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