The purpose of this letter is to communicate with potential employers when you are not aware of a specific job opening.  Prospecting letters are used extensively for long distance searches. Structure this letter similarly to the cover letter, but instead of using position information, focus on your strengths, your skills and what you bring to the table.

(Center letter on the page from top to bottom)
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Current Date

Individual’s Name
Name of Organization
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Dear Mr. or Ms. _____________:

First Paragraph: Indicate your interest in the company, organization, or type of work and state how you learned about them.  Make one strong opening statement about yourself.

Second Paragraph: Outline your strengths focusing on work experiences, co-op/internships and coursework . Convince the employer that you have the skills and motivation to contribute to the organization. Tell them what you can do for them, not what you expect from them.

Third Paragraph: Follow up in the near future to discuss interview possibilities. If you will be in the area of the company over break or for a long weekend, suggest the possibility of meeting during that time.  Express appreciation for their consideration, and say you look forward to talking with them.


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