If you are able to prove that you have done your homework on the company, it shows that you are serious about your interest in them. Doing research will make you stand out in the recruiter’s mind and help them remember you. When you have some background knowledge about the company, you engage the recruiter. You will be able to ask meaningful and specific questions the recruiter can answer and show that you are interested in what the recruiter has to say.

  • Ask meaningful questions
  • Get the recruiter’s attention
  • Stand out by being prepared

What should I know about a company?

When you are trying to impress a company, it is imperative that you do the prep work. Knowing details about the companies you are pursuing will help you stand out from the other applicants and allow the conversation between you and the recruiter to move along much smoother. Lucky for you, Iowa State has a centralized system in which companies post job/internship opportunities.

  • Basic background information:
    •  What does the company do?
    •  What are their major accomplishments?
  • Current Projects:
    • What are they trying to accomplish?
    • What specific projects interest you?
  • What you would like to do in the company:
    • Where do you see yourself within the company?
    • What about the company makes you want to work for them?
    • Why are you interested in talking to the company?

Organization’s Website

One of the best places to begin your research on an organization is their very own website. Browse through different pages to learn more about the organization, their services, and your prospective position. A great place to start would be the “About Us” page.


Utilize your CyHire account to research the companies attending Career Fairs at Iowa State University. You will find specific information about companies attending, career fair booth location, and opportunities available.

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