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What We Offer

Across the Ivy College of Business, it is our goal to strengthen student communication skills and enhance their critical thinking skills by creating opportunities for them to practice communication skills throughout their academic careers. Consultants in our Communications Center are available to support their written, oral, and visual communication assignments in the guidelines.

As Ivy College of Business faculty, you may have a desire to better prepare your students for their future professions by helping them develop the necessary business communication skills. We can help you accomplish this in the classroom with individual faculty resources such as:

  • Classroom Assignmenst: We can help you create new or modify existing assignments that will foster student communication skills
  • Writing Samples: We can assist you in producing writing samples specific to your course materials
  • Communication Lessons: We can help teach new skills in communication, from professional presentation basics to writing consulting reports
  • Classroom Visits: We can come into your classroom as guest lectures to give assistance or lectures on a variety of communication related topics


Communication-based assignments for the classroom are key to helping students understand the role communication plays in their future profession in business. As faculty, grading those assignments is important, but challenging at times.

A well-developed rubric is useful to provide feedback to students. Below is the College of Business communication assignment rubric. Need something tailored to your course? The Communications Center is happy to help you create assignment rubrics. Please see samples below for rubrics we have developed with faculty members.