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What We Offer

Across the Ivy College of Business, it is our goal to strengthen student communication skills and enhance critical thinking by offering opportunities for you to practice writing and speaking skills throughout your academic careers. Representatives from the Communications Center are available to support your written, oral, and visual communication assignments in the business classroom.

To help you with these assignments, the Communications Center is prepared to help you through in-person appointments and the following on-line resources:

  • Writing Samples: See examples of a professional memo, business letter, and email
  • Communication Lessons: Learn new skills in communications from creating strong PowerPoint presentations to effective memos

Need one-on-one assistance with a class assignment that requires communication skills? We are here to help! Whether it be writing a business memo or creating a PowerPoint presentation, our communication consultants are at your service. Contact us for any of the following:

  • Personalized coaching for individuals and teams to improve business communication skills
  • Consulting on grammar, writing style, document design, etc.
  • Storyboarding presentations to create engaging data visualization with PowerPoint or Prezi
  • Individualized public speaking feedback for delivery, content, and visuals
  • Help with interviews and CVs for academic positions

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