Portrait of John

“Working in teams of 2-5 students to accomplish tasks that a non-profit, startup, or other company might not be able to do on their own has taught me communication skills and creative thinking.”

Portrait of Erik

“The lessons learned at CyBIZ are great. Having this platform to do meaningful work while learning constantly is fulfilling. Having support behind the projects and knowing that everything isn’t going to go perfectly makes me feel more prepared to take further steps in my career. There are clear professional benefits that can be seen day to day especially in communication.”

Portrait of Katie

CyBIZ Lab has given me tactical experience to solve real world business problems and better equip me for my career.”

Portrait of Collin

You get that high-pressure experience that you would traditionally get in a real job.”

Portrait of Nate

“CyBIZ provides amazing opportunities for students to combine their area of study and interpersonal skills in a real-world business environment. I have learned communication, teamwork, and critical thinking skills as a consultant, and have enjoyed every bit of it.”

Portrait of Brooke

“You can learn many different textbook concepts in your classes, but actually being able to apply those strategies is super important in preparing me for the real business world.”