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Business Analytics

Would you like to make a difference? A degree in business analytics has that potential. Think about it. We live in a world overwhelmed with data. Today’s businesses are data-rich, yet information-poor. They need the talent to help them drive insights from data, which leads to smarter decisions. 

Not only will you be prepared to help companies and organizations make better decisions, you can also make the world a better place. Analytics have been used to help provide safe drinking water, fight malaria, solve sudden infant death syndrome, fight corruption and fraud, improve child welfare, and promote small business development. With business analytics, your work can improve lives.  

Our 2021 Graduates

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Make an Impact

With a career in business analytics, you can rule the world of big data.  

What is big data? It’s a term used to refer to the volume of data available on a daily basis. Today’s businesses collect more data than they have time to analyze. They need the talent to help them drive insights from data, which is key for making solid decisions. Choosing a career in business analytics provides you with a unique opportunity. You’ll be in demand and you will have the opportunity to make a significant impact in a company or organization. Businesses will need you. Companies that are committed to making data-driven decisions use business analytics, a process that combines technology, statistics, and business. In this major, you will learn the skills, technologies, and best practices for analytical problem solving, skills that help organizations gain insight and drive improved performance.  

Real-World Experience

As a business student, you can participate in an internship as early as your first or second summer in college. Internships often provide an opportunity to confirm that your major is perfect for you. You will gain real-world experience where you can apply your classroom learning and skills in the workplace. After an internship, you’ll be better prepared for the global world of business. You will make connections with employers, network, and build relationships that may lead to full-time employment after graduation. Ivy students report high average salaries from their internships. Check it out in our annual business career services report.

Isaac Stitz, Harlan, Iowa

“I would encourage high school students to choose business because you can really get into any area in any company with a business degree. It doesn't really matter which major you pick. All companies have positions in business, whether it’s marketing, analytics, MIS, accounting, finance, or others. You will be able to find your fit at any company, doing what you enjoy doing.”