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Business Economics

Traditional business programs focus on the organization and functions that deliver goods and services to customers. The focus in economics is production, distribution, and consumption, and how to best utilize available resources. This hybrid major offers a balanced focus in both areas.

Our 2021 Graduates

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Make an Impact

In business economics, you’ll learn how to combine practical business skills with a strong theoretical understanding of economics. This major provides a high-quality education with a balanced emphasis in both disciplines. As a graduate, you’ll possess a unique mix of analytical and applied business skills well-suited for employment in upper level management and public service positions. You will also have solid preparation for graduate studies, including a master of business administration (MBA). The Ivy College of Business and Department of Economics offer this major in partnership. Business economics majors benefit from receiving additional faculty support and career preparation from the Department of Economics.

Real-World Experience

As a business student, you can participate in an internship as early as your first or second summer in college. Internships often provide an opportunity to confirm that your major is perfect for you. You will gain real-world experience where you can apply your classroom learning and skills in the workplace. After an internship, you’ll be better prepared for the global world of business. You will make connections with employers, network, and build relationships that may lead to full-time employment after graduation. Ivy students report high average salaries from their internships. Check it out in our annual business career services report.