Healthcare Management

Make an Impact

Combine your interest in healthcare and business at Ivy!

Healthcare management is a great fit for students who want to combine their interests in both healthcare and business. As an Ivy student, you can look forward to an exciting career and a bright future in the healthcare industry. Your business degree will help those in the healthcare industry make important business decisions every day, while positively impacting lives in your community.

With a healthcare management degree, you will be immediately prepared for employment in entry-level managerial positions in healthcare settings and well-positioned to advance into a leadership position. If you choose to continue your education and enroll in a master of healthcare administration degree, you will be ready! When you’re ready, consider the Ivy master of healthcare analytics and operations program.

What sets us apart

Our curriculum is designed to meet the healthcare management workforce needs and targets three categories of learning objectives:

  • Foundational knowledge of the healthcare management field
  • Comprehensive business skills
  • Experiential learning

We provide an interdisciplinary learning environment. The Ivy healthcare management program utilizes expertise across the disciplines within the college of business, including healthcare management, finance, information systems, and business analytics. The degree also allows you to take electives from other healthcare disciplines on campus. This collaborative nature provides a wholistic approach to healthcare management issues and allows for a diverse educational experience.

Find out more by contacting the Ivy Healthcare Management Program director, Natallia Gray.

How we prepare you

The degree requires that each student completes experiential learning. You can fulfill the requirement in one of the following ways:

  • Internship in healthcare management
  • Cooperative education
  • Independent study

Ivy faculty and career coordinators work directly with you to ensure your experiential learning aligns with your interests and career goals.

How we support you

In the Ivy healthcare management program, you will:

  • Learn side-by-side with internationally known faculty who support you
  • Meet and learn from leaders in the healthcare industry
  • Have the opportunity to participate in an internship or co-ops during your studies
  • Work directly with career coordinators who support you in finding internships and full-time employment
  • Have the opportunity to work with experts in the Ivy Writing and Speaking Center
  • Have access to a devoted academic advisor who supports you
  • Have access to scholarships — we offer more than $1.5 million in scholarships!

As a healthcare management student, you will take specialized healthcare courses, including:

  • U.S. Healthcare System
  • Financial Management for Healthcare Organizations
  • Healthcare Quality Management
  • Health Economics
  • Healthcare Law
  • Healthcare Information Systems

This program will teach you how to apply managerial principles to the unique, complex, and growing healthcare industry. You can also choose one of the following electives:

  • Introduction to Human Resources Management
  • Conflict and Negotiation
  • Management of Diversity
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Services Marketing
  • Environments for the Aging
  • Public Health and Community
  • Global Health Disparities
  • Health Psychology


 2023 member, Association of University Programs in Health Administration

Your future in this program is bright!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 32 percent increase in the number of healthcare management jobs between 2019-2029. The prediction far surpasses the average growth rate of 4 percent for all occupations for the same time period.

Maci Wittrock

Read more about Maci Wittrock, a junior in healthcare management. Maci received the Bugbee-Falk Student Book Award from the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA).

Employment opportunities

The healthcare management degree is designed to prepare you to serve in entry-level management positions in many different healthcare businesses and organizations, including:

  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Health insurance organizations
  • Public health organizations
  • Healthcare consulting firms
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms/medical equipment
  • Federal, state, and local government healthcare organizations
  • International health agencies
  • Mental health organizations
  • Nonprofit healthcare organization and foundations
  • Group homes
  • Healthcare entrepreneurship