If you want to know why one brand is more successful than another, how to effectively sell your ideas or products, learn how to get a return on your investment, drive the strategic growth of your organization — then marketing is the career for you.  

In marketing, you can inspire brands and grow customer relationships. Marketing affects every aspect of a company. As an Ivy marketing major, you’ll get real-world experience and have multiple opportunities to work with business professionals. You’ll become skilled at learning how to manage the entire marketing process and make decisions based on analytics. 

Our 2022 Graduates

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Make an Impact

Ivy professors will teach you how to increase demand for a product, how to increase recognition, and how to keep it relevant. With years of industry experience, they bring real-world examples into your courses. What you learn in the classroom will help you shine outside it, help you with internship opportunities, and prepare you for a bright future, no matter which area of marking you specialize in.

You’ll put theory into practice through case studies, computer simulations, and fieldwork with real companies, owners, and managers. Working with your team, you’ll resolve challenges and seize opportunities. You’ll develop your marketing skills while learning how to manage the entire marketing process – from research and market segmentation to product design, pricing, promotion, personal selling, and distribution. Marketing decisions are made in every area of a company and can include aspects such as product design, pricing, promotion, personal selling, and facilities location.

A marketing degree will prepare you for careers in product management, public relations, advertising and sales promotion, marketing research, and sales. 

Real-World Experience

Students get hands-on experience in the Houston Professional Sales Suite in the new Gerdin Business Building expansion.

Imagine yourself walking into a state-of-the-art learning space, dressed in your professional best. You greet the person at the front desk, just like an actual client meeting. You meet with an industry representative and make your sales pitch. This is the perfect practice for any sales call. You’ll be recorded so your experience can be reviewed and improved later. The new sales suite has a computer room where judges can observe and score sales pitch competitions, if you choose to participate. No need to feel intimated. You have peer and faculty support all the way!

The Ivy sales program prepares you with hands-on experience that sets you up for success as soon as you graduate.


Grant Frieh, Naperville, IL

“As a senior at Iowa State University and the student photographer for the Ivy College of Business, I have been able to gain useful portrait and event photography experience that will benefit my job search after graduation. With a degree in marketing, I hope to use the experience I gain from this position to give myself an edge over other candidates in the creative marketing field. I have had a great time working with the Ivy marketing team and look forward to continuing to gain photography experience the remainder of the school year.”