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Research studies suggest that approximately 80 percent of marketing majors accept a sales position upon graduation and 60 percent of all business students will take a job with at least some sales-related duties after graduation. If you’re not a marketing major, or even a business major, that’s OK. You can still enjoy the benefits of having this certificate on your resume.

It’s an asset to any major because sales is at the heart of most business enterprises.

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Projected employment growth from 2019 to 2029

Make an Impact

This is where hands-on learning comes to life. When you enroll in this program, you learn in our state-of-the-art Houston Professional Sales Suite, which is part of the 2021 Gerdin Business Building expansion. Here, we equip you with knowledge and skills related to developing and managing mutually beneficial relationships with customers. You will be participating in role-play exercises, sales presentations, industry-based case studies, team projects, and other hands-on learning opportunities.  

Does that sound intimidating? No worries. We’ve got your back!  

You will have all the support you need from our internationally known faculty. They will be there every step of the way as you work directly with leaders in various industries who will share their expertise and provide support. You will learn about the ethical, technological, analytical, and global aspects of professional sales. Having this certificate will increase your chances of getting a job upon graduation and may even improve your chances of becoming the CEO of a company! One-fifth of CEOs in the world had some type of background in sales.  

Ivy Sales Program – a Top Program

The Houston Professional Sales Suite is home of the Ivy sales program. Started in spring 2019, the new program is off to a great start. Sales Education Foundation, a non-profit organization that elevates the sales profession through college and university programs, recently named the new Ivy program a “Top University Sales Program in 2019.” Since sales is at the heart of most business enterprises, leaders at the Ivy College of Business invested in this program as a result of market demand and dedicated an entire suite in the new Gerdin Business Building expansion to this area.

The suite allows space for sales education and real-life practice that will put you in front of the competition.

Imagine yourself walking into the sales suite, dressed in your professional best. You greet the person at the front desk as if you’re coming in for an actual client meeting. You meet with an industry representative and make your sales pitch. This is perfect practice for real-world sales calls. You will be recorded so your experience can be reviewed and improved later. The new sales suite has a computer room where judges can observe and score sales pitch competitions, if you choose to participate.

The Ivy sales program prepares you with hands-on experience that sets you up for success as soon as you graduate.

Get Involved

Meet the Ivy Sales Director

Raj Agnihotri, Dean’s Fellow in Marketing, is an award-winning researcher and author who was hired in 2018 to start a new sales program at the Ivy College of Business. Prior to joining the college’s marketing department, he held many prestigious roles at other universities while also launching the Consumer Research Center at Ohio University. Agnihotri held a number of sales and marketing positions with startup ventures and major corporations, mostly in the technology sales area.  

He currently serves on the advisory boards of startups based in the United States, Europe, and India. He served on the faculty of the prestigious Samson Global Leadership Program at the Cleveland Clinic from 2014 to 2017. 

Agnihotri regularly leads sales seminars and conducts workshops for industry professionals from North America, Brazil, Europe, and India. 

He is co-author of ABCs of Relationship Selling through Service (McGraw Hill, 13th edition), a leading textbook in sales classes globally. Numerous sales trainers around the world use its selling process to prepare their salespeople. 

Riley Ruegemer, Plymouth, Minnesota

“Everyone always told me, through every lemonade stand through every cupcake sale, I was meant to be in business. I knew how to sell things from a young age.”