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Aslan Lotfi

Title: PhD Student of Information Systems
Department: Information Systems and Business Analytics

Office: 3128 Gerdin Business Building
Phone number: (515) 294-1473


Aslan Lotfi is a PhD candidate in Management Information Systems at Ivy College of Business. Falling under the broad realm of predictive analytics and modeling, Aslan’s research studies the diffusion of a behavior in a target population and factors influencing individuals to commit the behavior. For instance, a behavior of interest can be actively searching online environments for information about a new information technology product or making initial and repeat product purchase decisions. He studies the digital attribution problem related to factors influencing the diffusion of a behavior and seeks to determine the effect of advertisement from different digital marketing channels on potential customers’ product adoption decisions. Aslan has a manuscript under revision for third round of review at Marketing Science, and several more research projects in various stages of preparation.

Aslan is also passionate about teaching a variety of technical and managerial topics. He has taught MIS 301, an introductory management information systems course required for all business majors and served as a teaching assistant for MIS 320, a course in database management systems.

Aslan has the experience of implementing academic research to benefit practice as well. He has collaborated with the data science team of a well-known video game company on multiple data analytics projects.

Research interests: Business Analytics, Digital Attribution, Diffusion of Technological Innovations, Applications of Fractional Calculus in Business Research

Teaching interests: Business Analytics, Data Mining/Machine Learning, Database Management, Managerial Statistics, Programming, Introductory and Core Information Systems Courses