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Maartje Schouten

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Management and Entrepreneurship

Office: 3212 Gerdin Business Building
Phone number: (515) 294-5880


Maartje Schouten studies the impact of social hierarchies and perspective taking in teams. In her work on social hierarchy, she examines the effects of hierarchical differentiation on team outcomes, individual sense making about the hierarchies of the teams to which they belong, and the impact of changes in the social hierarchy on individual team members. In her work on perspective taking, she examines how both a team's collective perspective taking and that of the team leader affect team outcomes. Her work has been published in outlets such as the Academy of Management Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Small Group Research. She also serves on the Editorial Review Board of the Academy of Management Review and received its Distinguished Reviewer Award in 2018 as well as its Outstanding Reviewer Award in 2019.

Maartje teaches Human Resource Management (MGMT 471) in the undergraduate business program. She is one of the 2019-2020 Miller Faculty Fellowship recipients for her innovations in teaching HRM. The Miller Faculty Fellowship program is a university-wide competitive grant program to support classroom innovation.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Maartje obtained her PhD in Organizational Behavior from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and her MSc and BSc in Psychology from the University of Amsterdam. Outside of work, she is an avid sports and food enthusiast. She lives in Des Moines with her partner and her cat Guusje with whom she forms the Household of Unpronounceable Names.


  • Teams
  • Social Hierarchy
  • Power
  • Status
  • Perspective Taking

Selected Publications

  • Greer, L. L., De Jong, B. A., Schouten, M. E., & Dannals, J. E. (2018-01-01) "Why and When Hierarchy Impacts Team Effectiveness: A Meta-Analytic Integration", Journal of Applied Psychology, 103 (6):591-613. Link to Paper
  • Hollenbeck., J.R., Beersma, B., & Schouten, M.E. (2012-01-01) "Beyond team types and taxonomies: A dimensional scaling conceptualization to team description", Academy of Management Review, 37 (1):82-106. Link to Paper
  • Beersma, B., Bechtoldt, M. N., & Schouten, M. E. "When Ignorance Is Bliss: Perspective Taking, Negative State Affect and Team Performance", Small Group Research, 49 (5):576-599. Link to Paper
  • Sleesman, D. J., Hollenbeck, J. R., Spitzmuller, M, & Schouten, M. E. "Initial Expectations of Team Performance: Specious Speculation or Framing the Future?", Small Group Research, 49 (5):600-635. Link to Paper