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Toyin A. Clottey

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Supply Chain Management

Office: 3415 Gerdin Business Building
Phone number: (515) 294-8198


  • Empirical research methods
  • Supply forecasting
  • Information sharing for assembly systems
  • Supply management for closed-loop supply chains

Selected Publications

  • Clottey, T and WC Benton (2021-01-01) "On Sharing Part Dimensions Information and its Impact on Design Tolerances in Fixed-Bin Selective Assembly", Production and Operations Management, 30 (11):4089-4104. Link to Paper
  • Lu, S-H., Suzuki, Y. and Clottey, T. (2020-01-01) "The Last Mile: Managing Driver Helper Dispatching for Package Delivery Services", Journal of Business Logistics, 41 (3):206-221. Link to Paper
  • Clottey, T. and W.C. Benton (2020-01-01) "Recommendations for Assessing Unit Non-response Bias in Dyadic Focused Empirical Supply Chain Management Research", Decision Sciences, 51 (1):423-447. Link to Paper
  • Clottey, T. and W.C. Benton (2020-01-01) "Sharing Quality-distribution Information for Selective Assembly of Intermediary Components in the Automotive Industry", Production and Operations Management, 29 (1):174-191. Link to Paper
  • Clottey, T. (2016-01-01) "Development and Evaluation of a Rolling Horizon Purchasing Policy for Cores", International Journal of Production Research, 54 (9):2780-2790. Link to Paper
  • Clottey T. and S. Grawe (2014-01-01) "Non-response Bias Assessment in Logistics Survey Research: Use Fewer Tests?", International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, 44 (5):412-425. Link to Paper
  • Clottey T. and W.C. Benton (2014-01-01) "Determining Core Acquisition Quantities when Products have Long Return Lags", IIE Transactions, 46 (9):880-893. Link to Paper
  • Clottey T. and W.C. Benton (2013-01-01) "Guidelines for Improving the Power Values of Statistical Tests for Non-response Bias Assessment in OM Research", Decision Sciences, 44 (4):797-812. Link to Paper
  • Clottey, T., W.C. Benton, and R. Srivastava (2012-01-01) "Forecasting Product Returns for Remanufacturing Operations", Decision Sciences, 43 (4):589-614. Link to Paper
  • Clottey T., D.A. Collier, M. Stodnick (2008-01-01) "Drivers of Customer Loyalty in a Retailing Environment", Service Science, 1 (1):35-47. Link to Paper