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Diversity and Inclusion

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At the Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business we strive to build a culture that champions diversity and inclusion.

We lead by example, with our commitment to recruit and retain diverse faculty, staff, and student body, and with our engagement and support of several diversity and inclusion initiatives at the Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business.

We recognize that diversity and inclusion are essential in preparing our students for a successful future in business and welcome the opportunity to play a critical role in helping workers, companies, and leaders meet the needs of the changing American workforce.

International Students

The Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business welcomes students from nearly 50 countries and regions! Approximately 400 undergraduate international students are currently enrolled in the College. We celebrate world cultures and strive to cultivate intercultural understanding among our students, faculty, and staff. We are committed to foster international student success!

International Students

Multicultural Liaison Officer

The multicultural liaison officer (MLO) in the Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business advises, supports, and advocates for students who are African American, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Asian American, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Latino, and multiracial.  Brenda Thorbs-Weber, PhD, serves as the MLO and she is also an academic adviser.   She partners with students to help them achieve their educational, personal, and professional goals.

Multicultural Students

Women in Business

The Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business at Iowa State University enthusiastically supports women in business. We’re working hard to recruit more young women as students, to create more opportunities for our existing female students, and to help increase the numbers of women in traditionally underrepresented fields like information systems and supply chain management.

Women in Business