Diversity trainings still face barriers

A team of international researchers, including one from Iowa State University, found diversity trainings within the marketplace still face many barriers to achieve their goals.

One of the largest barriers stems from a lack of common language and understanding. It’s establishing a common understanding of what “diversity training” means that many players in the marketplace haven’t done yet.

“Even though the nature of what you do may be different, there’s still ways to have those conversations. And more importantly, if you articulated not just working towards the same goal, but articulated that these are shared goals, that in the end, these goals apply to everyone. I think that would help,” Samantha Cross, ISU researcher and associate professor of marketing, said.

Cross said even though initiatives to improve diversity and inclusion in the marketplace are well-intentioned, many lack a thorough understanding of what needs to be done.

Her team’s research found many marketplaces need to examine their systematic approach to diversity, inclusion and engagement.

“And we talk about them that not just about promoting advancement for all marketplace participants, but being proactive and consistent about it. And those are two key things within our definition: that you need to be proactive and you need to be consistent,” Cross said about diversity training.