Faculty Research

Jake-Telkamp-and-Marc-AndersonOrganizations are making massive investments in artificial intelligence (AI), and recent demonstrations and achievements highlight the immense potential for AI to improve organizational and human welfare. Yet this progress also has resulted in numerous complex ethical issues that are largely unresolved by existing ethical AI frameworks and underscore the question: How should organizations using AI, and the AI itself, process ethical dilemmas where people disagree about the morally right course of action?

Jake Telkamp, Ivy PhD candidate, and Marc Anderson, Dean’s Fellow in Management and associate professor of management and entrepreneurship, recently had their research paper, “The Implications of Diverse Human Moral Foundations for Assessing the Ethicality of Artificial Intelligence” published in the Journal of Business Ethics.

In this paper, the authors explore this question and how understanding individual differences in moral judgment can help us to understand the conflicting interests and judgments of various stakeholders