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ACCT 493X (Dual-listed with 593X)
Corporate Taxation
Cr. 3. Prereq: ACCT 386

Introduction to the fundamentals of corporate taxation issues. Discussion of concepts related to the formation and capital structure of corporations. Identification and effect of tax codes and regulations related to corporations. Discussion of operating rules, earnings and profits, distributions, as well as redemptions and liquidations of corporations.

Actuarial Exam P Lab
Cr. 1. Prereq: STAT 326

Material review for actuarial exam P.

Actuarial Exam FM Lab
Cr. 1. Prereq: MATH 240

Material review for actuarial exam FM.

HCM 301X
Introduction to the US Healthcare Industry
Cr. 3. Prereq: Sophomore Classification

Overview of the US healthcare delivery system for healthcare managers. Study of the theoretical basis for the system, its history and development, the resources that comprise it, as well as its overall planning, organization, management, evaluation, quality, professions, and its major health policy issues. Examine procedures of how healthcare policy is developed at the federal and state levels, considers the influence of all constituencies in policy formation, and compares existing policy and policy formation in other countries to the U.S. Explore how the healthcare policy environment affects the work of healthcare managers.

HCM 302X
Economics for Healthcare Managers
Cr. 3. Prereq: Sophomore Classification

Explore the economic influences and underpinnings of the healthcare delivery system. Examine the importance of economics in health care decisions, both demand and supply-side factors, and how third-party payers and public policy influence consumption and production of healthcare. Introduction to evaluation of clinical outcomes using cost-effectiveness and other decision-analysis tools. Other topics include asymmetry of information, comparative healthcare systems, and healthcare policy.

HCM 303X (Cross-listed with SCM 303X)
Healthcare Quality Management
Cr. 3. Prereq: SCM 301 and credit or enrollment in HCM 301X

The manager’s role in improving healthcare quality and outcomes, including clinical and organizational improvement, and quality improvement practices. Explore how healthcare delivery systems can better measure outcomes from both patient and organizational perspectives. Analysis of quality improvement programs and examination of their adaptability to the healthcare environment.

Managing Family Businesses
Cr. 3. Prereq: Sophomore classification

Introduction to the important role family businesses play in the domestic and global economies and to the complex challenges and opportunities family businesses and the family members and other people involved encounter. Explore and identify best practices for successfully managing family businesses.

MIS 410X  (Dual-listed with MIS 510X)
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
Cr. 3. Prereq: MIS 207 or COM S 227

The design and application aspects of blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, and the key value these technologies bring – distributed consensus and trust disintermediation. Study of how blockchain technology works with consideration to its potential disruptive impact on business and society. Key concepts include mining, hashing, proof-of-work, proof-of-stake, public key cryptography, smart contracts, and the double-spend problem.

MIS 441X
Cybersecurity Analytics
Cr. 3. Prereq: MIS 435, MIS 436

Introduction to information security concepts, specifically how adversaries exploit systems and data for their benefit and how organizations can use analytics to detect and respond to security incidents. Survey of existing and emerging machine learning and artificial intelligence security tools for detecting and responding to security incidents.

MKT 456X
Digital Marketing Analytics
Cr. 3. Prereq: MKT 340

Digital marketing provides marketers with a lot of consumer data. This course explores topics such as organic and paid search, social media, and email marketing to understand how they contribute to a cohesive online presence. Identification of key performance indicators to determine the performance of the digital marketing activity in each channel, as well as how to leverage these insights to formulate future strategies are key objectives.