I view scholarships as not only a source of financial security, but also as a vote of confidence in my future. I think about support from donors when I need motivation to keep my head down and work through challenges. 

Hernan Machado (‘20 accounting and finance) Puerto Rico

What our students say…

Corey Wagner, Stratford, Iowa

"I chose to study management because I have a passion for supporting other people and helping them bring out their full potential.”

Cameron Hillsman, West Des Moines, Iowa

“With supply chain, it's just problem solving. It's being able to look at something super complicated, make it super simple, and apply the skills that you learned in high school to your everyday life.”

Jasani Whitehead, Grundy Center, Iowa

“I chose management information systems because we're moving toward a technological future. Everything is going to run by technology and they're going to pay people that know what to do with it and know how to maintain it.”