How to apply for the entrepreneurship minor:

  • Complete the “Request for Minor” form.
  • Indicate the courses you plan to take to fulfill the minor requirements.
    • This will include the two required courses—Mgmt 310 and either Mgmt 313 or Mgmt 410; how you intend to complete your 3 cr of experiential learning; and 6 credits of electives from the approved course matrix.
    • Please note that 9 credits out of the 15 credits required for a minor must not be used to meet any other department, college or university requirement except the credit requirement for graduation.
  • Obtain required signatures:
    • Department offering the minor (2200 Gerdin Business Bldg.)
    • Student’s academic advisor
    • College of the minor—because this is a university-wide minor, your home college is the college of the minor.
    • College of major/curriculum—your home college
  • Turn in the completed form to the undergraduate advising office in your home college.

For assistance during this process, consult either with your undergraduate advisor or the entrepreneurship faculty in your college for the minor.