In October 2017, the Board of Regents, State of Iowa officially approved the first named college at Iowa State University. Moving forward, please follow the recommended guidelines below when referring to the college.

Name Usage:

It is acceptable to use Ivy College of Business in your daily communications, including emails signatures, business cards, certificates, trophies, giveaways you order, and when space does not allow for using the full name. In formal communications (articles, award nominations, letters of recommendation, etc.) please use the full name, Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business, on first reference. Upon second reference, use Ivy College of Business.

  • Do not use the ampersand (&) symbol. Always spell out “and” between Debbie and Jerry.

Business Cards:

Faculty are asked to coordinate business card orders through their departmental support staff. Others can update their business cards on the Printing & Copy Services website. As of November 2018, the official business card template for the college includes the Ivy College of Business wordmark. See example below.


Orders can be placed for department letterhead on the Printing & Copy Services website. Please fill out a marketing request form to request electronic versions of department letterhead.

NOTE: In order to maintain the university’s visual identity for the college, electronic letterhead should be used only for electronic communications and should not be printed.


Faculty are asked to coordinate nametag orders through their departmental support staff. Cyclone Awards and Engraving is a licensed vendor with the various university nametag templates. You can contact its representatives at 515-232-9980 or to place an order.

If you would like to update your email signature to include the new Ivy College of Business wordmark, please use our email signature generator below and copy/paste the result into Outlook. This is optional, and not required.

Email Signature Generator

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