Only College of Business students will have the ability to use the computers in the Bergstrom Computer Lab. To sign on for the first time, please follow the directions on the desktop. If you have trouble signing on, see the consultant on duty.

Bergstrom Lab

The Steve & Debbie Bergstrom Lab is located in room 1122 Gerdin Business Building. There are 93 workstations available with College of Business and ISU software.

All of the computers run on Windows 10, MS Office 2016 (Word, Excel, Power Point and Access), Visual Studio .NET, Oracle, and many other titles. Only College of Business students are able to log into these computers using their ISU netID.

Team Rooms

There is one team room available in 1114 Gerdin Business Building.  Team rooms are for groups to reserve when working on group projects.

Installed software should be the same as in room 1122.  There are instructions in the room to connect a personal laptop to the LCD screen on the wall or you may use the computer in the room with your ISU login.  Print tasks executed in team rooms will be printed in the laser printer in the Steve & Debbie Bergstrom Lab located in 1122 Gerdin Business Building.

Students MUST be College of Business majors, or currently enrolled in College of Business classes.  Students MUST use the rooms for teamwork.  These are not private study rooms.  It is advisable to reserve the room early in order to get the room at the desired time.  You can have the room for a maximum of 3 hours.  The rooms are unlocked during the day.  You just need to go to the room at your reservation time.  If there is open time in a room, it is available on a first come, first serve basis.

Team Room Reservation