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General Questions

Due to security reasons, Oracle Services are available from ON-SITE locations, and over the ISU VPN (http://vpn.iastate.edu). The current offering for oracle is iSQL. This service requires a username and password from your MIS instructor.

MIS320 taught by Dr. Drew Zhang, http://mis320dz.bus.iastate.edu:9765/isqlplus

MIS320 taught by Dr. Sree Nilakanta, http://mis320sn.bus.iastate.edu:9765/isqlplus

If you want to change your password, use the “alter user fillinyourusername identified by newpassword;”
Please remember to log off of iSQl when you are done.

If you are already logged on to a computer, push Control+Alt+Delete.  When the menu appears, click on Change Password.

If you are unable to log on, see the consultant on duty in the Bergstrom Computer Lab and he/she will be able to change it for you.

Print Quotas

You are not allowed to transfer balances.  If you have a group project, the team should share the printing among themselves.

The printers are mapped out for you at logon.  You must be a College of Business major, or be enrolled in a College of Business course to print.

To view printers available to you on a Microsoft Windows computer, go to: Start -> Printers
To print from an application, simply go to: File -> Print

Student Group Initial Quota per Semester
Business Majors $22 allowance at $0.05 cents per black and white print. Color prints have a 7-10% higher cost.
 *If you were to only print black and white, you have 440 prints per semester.

A black and white laser printer consumes one unit per physical sheet of paper, a double-sided page costs the same as a single sided page.

College of Business student groups requested the lower charge for double sided printing to give students an incentive to conserve paper.

During the logon process a small window is displayed that shows the remaining quota available. To see your history of printing, click the link at the bottom of the window. Alternatively, you may visit the following website from anywhere to view your print quota and history: https://papercut.its.iastate.edu:9192

The new PaperCut system lets you use network printers in more places, provide a consistent printing experience, and make departmental printing allowances available for use with any PaperCut printer. While this new system will allow you to print in more places, it’s very important to note that most departments outside of the College of Business will charge a higher unit per page rate than you’ll see in any business computer lab. The standard charge in the College of Business is 1 unit per page for black-and-white(single or double sided).  Your print quota will go much further if you print on Business printers.

If you feel that you did not receive your initial quota, please contact the ITS Solution Center at 294-4000. If you are experiencing other printing issues, see the lab consultant on duty in 1122 Gerdin or contact the College of Business IT Support office in 0340 Gerdin. Quotas are reset at the beginning of each term and balances do not carry over.

The quota is not money, nor is it an allocation. In reality, the quota is a limit to prevent users from excessive printing. The quota is a privilege for printing and requires users to exercise responsibility with a very expensive resource. A good professional will always exercise good stewardship with an expensive resource and this college encourages students to consider themselves as professionals.