/Best Presenter Award

Best Presenter Award

Best Presenter Award

The 10th Annual Business National MBA Case Competition in Ethical Leadership amelia_medici_baylorcasecompetition-576x1024took place November 9-11, 2016 at Hankamer School of Business, Baylor University. The MBA team representing Iowa State was Amelia Medici, Erin Rettenmaier, Nick Davis, and Anne Gustafson. Amelia brought home the best presenter award, and her account of participating in her first MBA Case Competition is below.

Competing in the Baylor MBA Case Competition in Ethical Leadership was such a rewarding experience for me. This was my first case competition, and I was very lucky to be traveling with a team of three other members who had all competed in a competition before. This really helped to put me at ease as they were able to “show me the ropes” of the case competition. The Iowa State MBA program did a wonderful job preparing me for this competition. The ability to analyze situations, identify the options for moving forward, and justify and frame your recommendations were critical to be successful in the competition, and these are all skills that I have learned throughout my core classes in the MBA program.

I was extremely nervous going into this competition, but one of my team members really helped to ease those nerves. Before we went into our presentation, she said to me “You know your part better than anyone else in that room. Be confident.” So that’s what I did. I exuded confidence in my portions of the recommendations we presented, and by doing so, I was able to receive a Best Presenter award for my performance. This was the most valuable lesson that I learned from the competition: confidence can take you a long way. So to any current/prospective Iowa State MBA students out there, be confident in yourself and apply for case competitions sooner rather than later! My only regret in doing a case competition was that I hadn’t signed up for any others sooner. Take a risk and apply for a case competition; you’ll be surprised what you gain from it.

Congratulations, Amelia!