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Concurrent Enrollment

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Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment allows students to be working toward a graduate degree while completing an undergraduate degree. Concurrent enrollment also allows DOUBLE COUNTING of up to six hours to both your graduate and undergraduate degree programs. Note that the hours that are double counted only count once toward the 150 hour requirement to become a CPA. Thus students with only the 122 credits needed for the undergraduate degree may not benefit from double counting.

You must meet the requirements for the MAcc at ISU, apply to the program, and be accepted into the program.

To participate in the concurrent enrollment program

Apply for the MAcc and be accepted into the program during your senior year.  The application materials are available in the Graduate Programs Office, 1360 Gerdin Business Building.

Part of the application requires a GMAT test score if your GPA is under 3.25.  You can get information about the GMAT from the same sources noted above for application materials.

To use the concurrent enrollment option, you must have remaining undergraduate courses that are eligible for credit in the MAcc.  These can be electives or other non major courses.

Upon acceptance into the MAcc, you may enroll in up to six hours of graduate classes during your senior year that will count toward BOTH your undergraduate electives and toward your graduate degree requirements.  To select appropriate courses, you should meet with the Coordinator of the MAcc program, Kayla Sander at kayla@iastate.edu.

Graduate tuition will be assessed for students using the concurrent enrollment option. Students should be aware that not all financial aid awards given to undergraduate students may be awarded once enrolled in concurrent graduate programs. Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at (515)294-2223 with questions regarding financial aid and concurrent graduate programs.

To Apply as a Concurrent Student

The concurrent option requires submission of a paper application; the electronic application process cannot be used for concurrent enrollment. To apply complete the application at:

Application to pursue a concurrent graduate degree

Submit the application and the following items to the Graduate Programs office in 1360 Gerdin and are available at:

  • GMAT scores (ISU Accounting majors with a 3.25 GPA or better, at least 12 credit hours of upper level accounting classes including Acct 387, & no grade lower than a B in these accounting courses are not required to submit a GMAT score)
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Resume
  • Master of Accounting Personal Essays