The College of Human Sciences and the Ivy College of Business offer a double master’s degree leading to the MS in Apparel, Merchandising, and Design (AMD) and the Master of Business Administration (MBA).

The AMD/MBA double master’s degree program is designed for graduate students who have experience in the apparel and footwear industry and who desire to retool in order to advance their management careers within this global, dynamic industry. The program blends industry-focused coursework and research in merchandising management, global sourcing, e-commerce, creative and technical design processes, digital technology and design, and textile sciences with advanced coursework in business management.

AMD/MBA students will take business courses relevant to the apparel and footwear industry. Possible course subjects include financial and cost accounting, managing employees and organizational teams, international marketing, marketing research, new product development, consumer behavior, supply chain planning and control systems, purchasing and SCM, logistics management, ethics and corporate social responsibility, and sustainability.

Requirements for the AMD/MBA Double Degree Program

The AMD/MBA double master’s degree is a 65 to 68 credit hour program with expected completion in three academic years. Normally, AMD/MBA students will take primarily AMD courses in the first academic year. The second year is comprised of the MBA core courses, remaining AMD coursework, and the beginning of the research requirement in AMD program. AMD/MBA students finish the MBA core/electives and creative component/thesis in their third year of study. Following is a sample study plan for the AMD/MBA double degree.

Fall – Year 1
AMD 510 Foundation of Scholarship in T & C  (3 cr)
AMD Program Emphasis Course  (3 cr)
AMD Non-emphasis Course (3 cr)
Statistics/Quant. Methods Course   (STAT 401, RESEV 552, or BUSAD 502) (3-4 crs)
Spring – Year 1
AMD Research Methods Course (RESEV 550 or MKT 544)  (3 cr)
AMD Program Emphasis Course  (3 cr)
AMD Non-Program Emphasis Course  (3 cr)
Fall – Year 2
MGMT 502 Organizational Behavior  (3 cr)
ACCT 501 Financial Accounting  (3 cr)
ECON 532 Managerial Economics  (3 cr)
AMD Program Emphasis Course (non-thesis option only)  (0-3 cr)
BUSAD 592 Professional Skills Development  I  (R cr)
Spring – Year 2
MKT 501 Marketing  (3 cr)
SCM 501 Supply Chain Management  (3 cr)
MIS 501 Information Systems  (3 cr)
FIN 501 Financial Valuation  (3 cr)
BUSAD 594 Professional Skills Development II  (R cr)
Fall – Year 3
MGMT 503 Professional Resp. in Business & Society  (3 cr)
MGMT 504 Strategic Management  (3 cr)
AMD 699 Thesis  (thesis option only)  (3 cr)
MBA Elective  (3 cr)
MBA Elective  (3 cr)
Spring – Year 3
AMD 599/699 Creative Component or Thesis  (2-4 cr)
MBA Elective  (3 cr)
MBA Elective  (3 cr)
Total AMD/MBA Credits (65-68 cr)

Applying to the AMD/MBA Double Degree Program

Candidates interested in the AMD/MBA double graduate degree must meet the admissions requirements of the respective master’s programs. Normally, students are already enrolled candidates for either the MBA or the MS in AMD when applying for the double degree.  Students must submit a Request for Double Graduate Degree along with any supplemental material requested by the program director.