The College of Business offers a double master’s degree leading to the Master of Finance (MFIN) and Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Managers need to understand the complexities of today’s global, financial environment. Many companies seek professionals who not only possess a broad understanding of business operations, but also have in-depth understanding of financial markets and instruments and possess the quantitative skills necessary to analyze financial data for effective decision-making. This intensive double degree program combines the comprehensive management education of the MBA with the in-depth study of finance provided by the Master of Finance.

Requirements of the MBA/MFIN Double Degree Program

The MBA/MFIN double degree is a sixty credit-hour program with expected completion within two academic years. Only Fall semester entry will be considered for this double degree. The curriculum fulfills the separate degree requirements of the respective MBA/Finance specialization and MFIN programs.

Curriculum (Sample)

Fall Semester Year 1 (15 credits)

Spring Semester Year 1 (15 credits)

MGMT 502 Organizational Behavior (3 cr) FIN 501 Financial Valuation (3 cr)
BUSAD 502 Business Quant. Analysis (3 cr) MIS 501 Management Info. Systems (3 cr)
ACCT 501 Financial Accounting (3 cr) MKT 501 Marketing (3 cr)
ECON 532 Managerial Economics (3 cr) SCM 501 Supply Chain Management (3 cr)
BUSAD 592 Professional Skills I (R cr) BUSAD 594 Professional Skills II (R cr)
FIN 534 Financial Derivatives (3 cr) FIN 450 Analytical Finance (3 cr)*

Fall Semester Year 2 (15 credits)

Spring Semester Year 2 (15 credits)

MGMT 503 Business & Society (3 cr) MBA Elective Course (3 cr)**
MGMT 504 Strategy (3 cr) MBA Elective Course (3 cr)**
FIN 510 Advanced Corporate Finance (3 cr) FIN 520 Investments (3 cr)
FIN 530 Financial Analysis and Valuation (3 cr) MFIN Elective Course (3 cr)***
MFIN 550 Financial Econometrics (3 cr) MFIN Elective Course (3 cr)***

* FIN 450 may be waived for a finance elective.

** MBA elective courses (6 cr) must show sufficient breadth of knowledge per MBA elective policy guidelines. The two MBA electives must be 500 level courses from any two academic areas of study, other than finance, in the Ivy College of Business. MBA electives will satisfy the six credits of “other” electives in the MFIN program.

*** MFIN electives must be approved 500 level courses in finance.

MBA/MFIN Double Degree Program Summary
MBA Required Courses 30 credits
MFIN Required Courses 18 credits
MBA Elective Courses 6 credits
MFIN Elective Courses 6 credits
Minimum Credits Required for MBA/MFIN Double Degree 60 credits