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MBA Independent Study

The pedagogical intent of the Independent Study, 590, course is to provide an individualized academic project/research experience for students supported by a faculty member from the College of Business.  An independent study must generate a research project and a documented academic paper under the direction and guidance of a faculty member.

Employment and internships do not constitute in and of themselves a sufficient basis for independent study credit. If the experience generates research project potential, then credit may be negotiated.

All graduate faculty members are authorized to supervise independent study projects; however, it is the faculty member’s prerogative to agree or not to serve as a project advisor.  Students should present a preliminary proposal for the independent study when approaching a faculty member.

After the supervising faculty member is determined, students are required to complete the Independent Study Agreement.This form outlines the scope of the project, credit hours to be earned, and the deadline for completion.  Once signed by the supervising faculty member, students must submit the agreement form to the Graduate Business Programs Office to obtain 590 course registration information.  A maximum of three credits of independent study can be applied toward the MBA degree.