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Fast Track Option

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Finish Fast, Move Forward

Are you interested in accelerating your part-time MBA studies so that you are able to advance your career as quickly as possible?  The Fast Track option enables you to finish the Professional MBA in only two calendar years.

In the Fast Track option, you will undertake an aggressive plan of study taking MBA courses year-round. After two years of intense study, you will have your MBA degree finished and ready to move forward to the next step in your career.

Fall Semester (Year 1)
 MGMT 502
Organizational Behavior
 ACCT 501
Financial Accounting
Winter Intersession (Year 1) 
  Intersession Course
Spring Semester (Year 1) 
 FIN 501
Finance and Corporate Financial Decisions
 MKT 501
 Spring Intersession (Year 1)
  Intersession Course
 Summer Semester (Year 1)
Quant. Business Analysis
ECON 532
Managerial Economics
Fall Semester (Year 2)
 MGMT 503
Professional Responsibility in Business and Society
MGMT 504
 Winter Intersession (Year 2)
 Intersession Course 
Spring Semester (Year 2) 
 MIS 501
Management Information Systems
 SCM 501
Supply Chain Management
 Spring Intersession (Year 2) 
  Intersession Course
 Summer Semester (Year 2) 
MBA Elective (Session 1)  MBA Elective (Session 2)